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The run to this boss was incredibly annoying. I suggest you put on an album, lower the audio in the game, start clearing everyone except the fire lizards (obviously the one guarding the hole you drop into should be killed), keep to the left in the lower level baiting the knights towards you. It will take an hour or two but then you can really enjoy the boss.
Oh and it's better to fight Alonne after clearing the rooms each time, than going back to the bonfire, at least you can practice for later (12 times clearing the rooms) when you can focus only on the boss.
Would love to see a Sir Alonne vs Isshin fight
Isshin would win cause gun plus he has 3? phases not to mention power of anime magic bullshir
Hey, lets ruin awesome boss fight with god awful, unnecessary run up :)
Came to this wiki to see if I was missing something or if you're really intended to run a gauntlet every time. Good ol' DS2.
Chad alonne vs the virgin fume knight.
This guy is nothing but a push over because he has no weakness.
The katana "grab" attack is ******* and no one can convince me otherwise
While it's a whole different story in NG+ cycles, with the right approach, this boss can become pretty easy in NG. Slap great magic shield into yourself to block his fast weak attacks with no problem to your stability or stamina and negate the bleed buildup completely. Carry a big stick (fully upgraded great clave) and give a single slap on him after big openings, don't get greedy. When you see he entering in stance and a black aura in his katana .... that is his grab attack, that is unblockable, do massive damage and will buff his attack and defense after. Roll toward his left foot (your right lower side when locked on) . After he is down to <30% of life, he will stagger, giving you some free hits. After this point, he will do the grab attack more constantly and do a new jump attack that needs to be dodged by rolling away.
One fact: in the beginning of fight if you do gesture "Bow", Alonne will do this too.
sir alonne actually has about 3-4 different death animations, they depend on when he is killed and what motion he’s in sometimes.
Amazing boss. Probably the best in the whole game. Shame the run up is horrible, but you can fix that by savescumming in front of the boss gate.