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I bonfire asceticed the first bonfire in order to fight her again but everything has returned into being invisible, the eye is still in my inventory and can't be dropped and there's nothing at the altar, does anyone know what to do?
After 10+ attempts it was really damn scary when my weapon broke and I had to switch weapons in the middle of the battle. Why do weapons break so easily :d
It sucks having to waste a ring slot for this ring, but just use the Bracing Knuckle Ring +2 (which is found in the second half of the Undead Crypt (next to one of those "graves" that summons those Leydia Pyromancers). Also Chancellor Wellager sells unlimited Repair Powders, but they're not cheap. Even if you go to him with like 40,000 souls, that will probably only get you about 15 or 20 repair powders.
I had a lot of trouble with this one in NG+ until I figured out to stop trying to be behind the boss. Aava is pretty slow on the recovery, and if you're rolling backwards the swipes are easy to dodge.

So what worked for me was just standing in Aavas face to bait an attack, roll it, then whack once or twice with a quick weapon. Took 50/60 durability so watch out for that.

Good healing windows are at the start of the ice soulmass and when aava very first starts running away. (Aava will run away and then usually set up a lunge attack pretty often). You can also wait til you dodge a lunge to heal.

Hope that helps someone
Should've said one other thing, the swipes were very difficult to dodge going to either side with low agility. It's a very wide hitbox.

So roll backward on swipes, forward on lunges, and simply walk to the side to dodge the ice balls.
This was by far the best thing to take away from this particular page. Thank you guys so much
Did you dodge?

"Yea, nearly frame perfetly t--"

Well you didn't


Yea, die
Well, If you got hit, then you DIDN'T dodge nearly frame perfectly :)
this Boss beats my muscle memory in a way that I hate the attacks are too slow compared to the dlc Bosses of the old iron king who are really serious
But... the boss is invisible
Is my game bugged or wtf are you talking about ‘lock on’
to the snow??
you need an item to see the boss. The item is called Eye of the priestess but you probably figured that out in 15 days
If you don't have the eye, he is not barely visible the whole fight but instead but completely invisible for a good 10 seconds or so and then barely visible for 2 seconds.
I genuinely hated this boss, at least give it a weakness...

Nearly ate my controller like f***
the jump attack on this thing is total *******
Takes all my HP in human form with 20 VIG, the hitbox is large the entire boss and cannot be blocked by shields
I knon DLC bosses are far more difficult than main game bosses, but this is just unfair
Try using the promised walk of peace hex. Pretty much seemed to stop all the jumping for me.
i am OP, i think Aava deals magic damage on all her attacks, cause i was taking a little damage from her normal sweeps even with a shield up
well, that was why going full havel was nearly useless