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to summarise for anybody reading this in the future: this WA stacks with toxic (but not poison since that's what it builds up (yet is also better than standard poison)), and does best damage against enemies with large healthpools, as it's damage scales with the max hp of the enemy. against high-HP foes, like gael for example, this is far superior to toxic (but use both if you can). for more "conclusive" answers, i recommend you watch dangitjm's video on using poison in pvp/pve - - , or this video on the storyteller's staff specifically - - . i would personally recommend dangitjm's video ;)
I’d recognize that link from anywhere...
you got me. well played, well played...
I'm trying to use it, but my character doesn't know how to. Any advice? I have enough in Strength and Intelligence and using pyromancy. First time player
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You don't know how to, its not your characters fault if you meet the requirements...
storyteller staff buildup is actually slower than poison mist from my test. tried both out against firekeeper and it takes like about a second of her inside the poison mist to get poisoned and a little bit longer than that in poison spores to get poisoned, though poison spores does deal more damage. can anyone else confirm this? i know in one of the patches they nerfed acid surge, maybe they nerfed poison spores as well?
No need for confirmation. Storyteller's Staff does more Dmg over a longer (or shorter, I know useful) period of time and the poison buildup is actually better from what I know.
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storyteller's staff does more damage. it's percentile damage, so obviously against firekeeper it'll do pitiful damage compared to toxic or poison mist. if you're looking for the most poison damage, especially against bosses, use this staff.
This thing was the real mvp in my fight against Gael today. I never thought that there could be an impossible fight for me in these games (besides NG+ cycles 4 kings) but Gael proofed me otherwise. This Staff helped me so much! (And before you ask, I'm at level 420 something, so he hits hard. REALLY Hard!)



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Gael is best boss in the series imo, one of my most fun experiences with dark souls 3 was fighting gael in full onion knight cosplay(zweihander) in Ng++
Get. ****ed. Wolnir.
I just imagine some dude waiting for like 3 hours as wolniers 15khp bar dissolve (keep in mind wolnier has poison resistance)
How? He doesn't even have lungs!

Maybe it's corrosive too?.
The Poison Spores will kill Mimics cheesily. They do'nt even get up. Just stand a few meters away, aim down, cast and watch their health go down.
pestilent mist works too, and you dont even have to farm for it unlike storytellers staff
Storyteller's staff isn't hard to farm though and can be gained earlier which is nice
Hello everyone. It is my first DS game and I was a bit afraid of fighting the dancer fair and square, so I tried using the poison spores to cheese her. She went through the cloud 10 times without taking any damage. I tried embered and unembered with the same results. Poison mist did not work at all either. Has anyone already had the same experience? Am I doing anything bad?
I don't know about "bad" per se, but you don't seem to have grasped some of the game's mechanics.

For one, bosses each have resistances and immunities to certain elements, damage types, and status effects. I can only assume you're on this specific page to try and avoid spoilers, rather than looking up dancer herself, so I'll only say that some bosses have resistance to poison, some are weak, and a fair number are outright immune.
Might as well mention just in case: if it's your first time playing through and you haven't been automatically teleported to her arena, you should avoid fighting her for now. Otherwise, you should have plenty of options available to find and exploit a weakness.
lol you're just really bad
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Poor man's poisoning weapon also great for low lvl builds
Correct name: "Crystal Sage Cheese" staff