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I've run into the same glitch time after time where even when both Liz's survive the assault, when the last enemy is killed one of them despawns and the game behaves as if she died, screwing me out of a reward that is already a pain in the a** to get
For people in solo nightmare this is how I did it: beckon and seed caller, burden of devoted and soul link. also got siphoner and triage
Great call on beckon and seed caller. They did way better than I thought they would. I don’t have the other items you mentioned but it still worked it for me on nightmare solo. Thanks for the RPod.
It’s supposed to say thanks for the tips, not the RPod. Stupid auto correct.
Lol I got the key from one of them, got the typewriter and then talked to the other one, just to see what she says, and got a second key! Why would I need two keys to the same door?

Also to whoever filled this wiki, they're obviously not sisters. They have the same name for crying out loud! Do you know how confusing that would be growing up? And don't use George Foreman as a defence. He's probably the only exception.
It's the rare events like this that make me wish they went with a similar route as bloodborne, with glyphs and the like.
On normal playing solo i used machine pistol with seed caller, and beam rifle with beckon. Menders charm, soul link and aggressors bane with labyrinth armor and cultist hat. Worked fantastic both liz's had nearly full health at the end and the fight lasted just over a minute. Used 2 dragon hearts to buff the broads. I ran to the ramp and held from there.
Difficult: Hard
Mods: Seed Caller, Very Good Boy
Wears: Cultist's Set
Amulet: Soul Anchor

First try. If you die, the event will not reset, so it is best to complete it perfectly with both sisters surviving.
I just did this today and if you fail you can die and respawn the event, I used beckon x2 and very good boy and just hammered the big guys with assault rifle, the summons did most of the work and made it a pretty trivial fight
not sure if glitch but stayed near the entrance after i heard someone shout. every enemy was after me, after they died i explored the area and didn't mind the shout i heard earlier. saw a marker on the mini map and saw both npc. got the key and the gun. so i guess that worked. normal difficulty by the way. is it supposed to be that way?