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im lost the wiki's to do list says kindle all bonfires to the max but when you start an NG+ it will go back to 5 estus flasks
No, bonfires retain whatever amount of estus you boosted them to in NG+
Bonfires keep your boost. But the few kept up by a firekeeper will reset if you kill the firekeeper before ng+
o maximo de ng+ é 7?
É infinito, mas a dificuldade só aumenta até o 7
Woah what the hell, even hollows are killing me in two hits( i did a 20 vit no armour run in ng )
Lets make this simple.. Exactly how many times do I need to kill Gwyn in order to start my new playthrough on the highest difficulty setting?
seven times.
6 times, the seventh playthrough has the highest difficulty (according to the wiki).