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I've talked to him after killing the falso jester but he hasn't given me the brand
Still no brand :s
Probably has something to do with the fact I was the second player of someone else's game
Keep talking to him and he will give it up.
I ran into the same problem. If you encounter him in the castle of storms before getting the brand he will say the wrong speech and you can't get it that play through.
You are both millies. You have to exhaust his dialogue to get it... You should be doing that for every character you meet
What happened is a sequence break where you long jump into castle of storms before you talk to him.
I am also having this issue
you can get this btw without defeating any boss at all, using the *totally intended* long jump. you just have to jump over the gap between castle of storms, get to the area right to the dragon (where the shrine is), and jump from the second-lowest platform over to the despondant thief. Get the brand, despite not having killed the dragon, and use it to open the path to the red hall of cages. (you can circumvent the obelisk by a well-placed long-jump.) from the Red hall of cages sanctuary, you have to go down a bit, and eventually open a door in the left that leads to sunken keep. From there, you can take the vertigo brand. (works only with the lowest weight rating tier) game glitchless 10/10
I think i found a softlock. I used the superjump to enter the castle, killed the dragon, then went back to actually get the brand but he's not giving it. Is there any way to progress without it?