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Currently using a two hand greatsword- str. And wis. build, if I time it right I hit the boss twice with every swing and keep interrupting them.
after devotion any creed +5+6
For keepers of Fire and Sky, I haven't seen it sold. Even at max devotion
literally useless you plan to be stunned/prone a lot.
its actually useful. u can roll and attack with the sword, the sword helps out to stagger enemies, its not meant to be used as main weapon obvioulsy.


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Well it is good for stunning enemies and you can control when the blade actually attacks beside the fact that it has a recharge. It is good for controling and interrupting attacks of big enemies



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if you have a spear/poleaxe type swinging weapons and are in long enough range it always hits after your weapon hits but your second attack will never connect unless maybe if you are using slow hitter spear/poleaxe which there is only one of that is guardsman's halberd. But then I don't know if first hit will connect and both the prayer and the halberd does the damage.
Is this like, the one reason for using Slow Hitter weapons without grimacing the trait? Does it delay swing speed enough to get the Guardian Blade to hit first and allow the enemy hitbox to reset before connecting?
Does this work with a staff? Like if I'm casting spells will it still attack?
Yes. In my first play through, I was a cleric mage hybrid, and when I was casting spells, I had the sword swing.
This thing is amazing.. can be used without actually swinging your weapon, and can help stunlock bosses. Even when you're knocked down, pressing the attack button will make it swing.