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very nice for melee characters who want to have both a faith buff and magic/frost weapon
Not really. Buffs do not scale properly with this. Just get Darkmoon Blade to be able to do magic buffs for a melee/faith build.
Is it normal that my 45/50 character casts stronger lightning spears with this than Yorshka's?
Yes. Yorshka's will be better at 60 Faith tho.
Is it too much to ask for a single catalyst, casts sorceries and miracles, AND boosts dark damage? How does a game that courts so many edgelords make it so hard to do a dark build?
Wouldn't that make it op? Unless it has a noticably lower spell buff that would make other "dark" catalysts obsolete.
Maybe if they made it to ONLY cast dark magic, both sorcery and miracle dark but no magic or electric spells
"Is it too much to ask for a catalyst that is objectively better than all other catalysts in the game, making it so all casters would only bother with it and all caster builds would be the same?"

Yes, yes it is.
I really wish they'd just make some sort of "Magic hands" item in a souls game that can cast ALL types of magic. Hands specifically because I'm sick everything that's not pyromancy require a physical implement for casting, doesn't feel as powerful-magic user to me.
This is the swiss army knife of the pyromancer. 3 different available damage types with good hybrid scaling applied, incredible bleed damage output, a heal in a pinch, a number of weapon/shield buffs and more in utility spells + its low weight makes this outperform almost any if not all other catalysts in the game in terms of usefulness. Sure it doesn't outperform a dedicated S scale faith/intelligence catalyst in terms of max damage but keep in mind it still deals very respectable damage and in PVP that pool to work with can catch someone by surprise.
Bleed damage from the gnawing miracle?
So magic sorcery and lightning miracle all gain power from both sides? Meaning more powerful than using each only in their respective stats? wow
60/0 Court Sorcerer Staff Great Heavy Soul Arrow: 614 Damage

45/45 Crystal Chime Great Heavy Soul Arrow: 540 damage (12% weaker)

0/60 Yorshka's Chime Sunlight Spear: 643 damage

0/60 Saint's Talisman Sunlight Spear: 630 damage

45/45 Crystal Chime Sunlight Spear: 581 damage (10% weaker than Yorshka's Chime, 8% weaker than Saint's Talisman)

It should be noted that to use some higher tier sorceries, most notably Crystal Soul Spear, you would need to raise your intelligence a few points past where where the Crystal Chime stops scaling well. In the end, you're trading a bit of damage away for a lot more versatility.
The Crystal Chime is actually only 6% weaker than than the Court Sorcerer Staff, I originally made a bit of a miscalculation. The Crystal Chime is also 18% weaker than the Izalith staff when casting Dark Sorceries, 7% weaker than the Murky Longstaff when casting Dark Sorceries 24% weaker than the Sunless Talisman when casting Dark Miracles, and 25% weaker than Caitha's Chime when casting Dark Miracles. These catalysts all fit on the same build, so the difference doesn't really matter, I suppose.
Is this useful for only healing and buff miracles and offensive sorceries like css or great soul arrow? (pve only btw)
It can use all miracles and sorceries, period. It just may not be as powerful as some other catalysts. However, I use this as a main, as I can use a healing spell, fire off lightning, turn invisible, and launch a soul spear, all back to back. It's really handy.
Its damage is pretty good if your playing a pyro build and want a couple of sorceries or miracles as a back up, probably the highest damage for them if you using a pyro build without going to far into intelligence over faith and vice versa