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This weapon is straight up bad, I mean you can use it, but why would you

Its only use is catching people near death, but you could just use throwing knives (or git gud and learn to roll catch)
You must live in your mother's basement (while she's upstairs with big black Jamal and Jerome getting slayed) saying git gud like the 12 year olds say. How bout you roll watch this, you're a softy boy just know that. You, your father, grandfather, and any kid you have is a worthless I'd spit on
This weapon is pretty much a callback to demonbrandt (a lame ome, tho) with a cool weapon art, but that's it.
Pretty low damage compared to other straight swords, but it more than makes up for it with it’s length and WA. Overall, a pretty fun weapon, good for fashion souls too.
This would be the best straight sword in the game if it had better scaling. Seriously just 30-40ish more ar at 40/40/14 would be enough. It is one of the longest in the class with one of the better movesets. The scaling is a shame considering the boss you get it from is 1) endgame and 2) The boss is namesake of the kingdom the game is based in.
Should've scaled with Luck imo
Twink Prince’s not-so-great sword
Best Straight Sword
absolute fvcking garbage. ************HOLY************** why fromsoft, why you hate faith so much
>holy sword
>godawful faith scaling
tf from??