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this dosent help find them at all
If you've already taken the stange letter in the tomb, you can just go back at the tomb at night and put back the letter, Razan should appear after that
Razen is in the outside area of the Fortress of the shield, a crypt a few meters northeast of the circular platform outside of the library. The sarcophagus is guarded by Brood of Blood. However once you open the sarcophagus, 3 brood, Razen, and Estalla will appear around your party - a tough fight if you are not prepared. Recommend stealth your party, staging 3 of the party outside the crypt, and heave your stealthiest open the sarcophagus. This will give you a chance to do a surprise attack the first round. Cleric's Daylight spell seemed to make all the enemies attacks have disadvantage. Mage's firewall (choosing the option to circle the party) was also advantageous.
Thank you, for some reason this guide tells you to go into a locked room that i can't figure out how to get into but you actually don't need to ever go in that room.
the real wiki is in the comments. thank you!!