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Why use this before pkcs and tumblebuff >insert buff
Because this is pure fire damage, can be paired with dark pyromancies or sacred flame with critical buff and it's almost unparriable thanks to it's pyro glove hitbox.

Pick this demonic weapon up and start throwing pkcs users to the trash heap where they belong.
LOL so much confidence for a shiity fire weapon against what? pkcs-the best weapon in the entire series? I can just soak myself with "flash sweat" and then enjoy pooping on those who use this shhity fire cs.
Man you must be a big low life. How are your other phantoms doing after they got their *** kicked by someone using the scar.



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You say magic is bad in all of your posts and then you pop flash sweat?
I’m sure, if we all keep at it, that this will start being funny any day now.
I know the game is dead, but with decent dex does this get r1 flame fan? Asking cuz I want to do a pyro setup
This game isn’t dead. Just because a game isn’t as populated as it was a month after launch doesn’t mean it’s dead. It’s been 5 years and you can still get invasions anytime of day. To answer your question, I don’t think an R1 can true combo into Flame Fan even with max casting speed, though I’m not 100% sure. However, you CAN combo R1 into a Black Flame. Which is better since you’ll be doing dark damage instead of another fire attack. (Players almost always have lower dark resistance than fire resistance and you can get around the defense of someone who popped a red bug.) Though, you shouldn’t level DEX to get max casting speed with this weapon. There’s no way to make a viable build that way with this weapon (unless you’re an absurdly high soul level). Instead, either equip Sage Ring +2 or have Saint-Tree Bellvine in your left hand with D’sScar in your right. Either one will give you max casting speed at any DEX.
This is the only weapon I've stopped using because it's too good. It has crazy fast swing speed which combos into a Black Flame. Speed, high damage output, low stamina usage, absurdly low weight, pretty good WA, and quick, easy access to spells. This weapon has no down sides in PVP. And that's why I stopped using it. It took me a few hours to master it and then I started getting bored. It's too unfair. The wins aren't even satisfying.
i doubt its that powerful, sure it can be good but i dont think that any win is free if you get a even fight.
No, it actually is that good. Also, they stated why they think its that good based on their personal experience, so i doubt you just being like "no, i don't think so" on something they're saying they used in battle and came to that conclusion really makes sense.
Actually busted. Not whining or a meme, this thing is actually god tier.
Anyone know the minimum required dex to make R1 black flame true, or do you need to cap it at 50?
It’s max virtual dex. I don’t use any rings, I just put the bellvine chime in my other hand and it works every time as long as the connection is good
16 dex + saint tree bellvine is good enough


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how does this have weight


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fire heavy
I know it's super powerful and all, but also it looks badass
The fact that this thing can break is fcking comical.
Ikr? How can you break something that is not even physical?
Wait, this has bleed too?! So not even turtling helps!

Says it has 110 bleed and 99 fire.
It says it yes 110 Critical Multiplier. No bleed