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Anyone else kill him because they thought he was an enemy
yep just thought he was like the ones before queelag boss fight, shame :d
Then after you know his story you kill him again
I killed him because I thought he would never let me through if I said no
I did it on accident. I clicked to advance his text like an idiot, and instead just stabbed him ;-;

then I died to the larvae he dropped
Yes. :( Direct result of the lack of facial animation during speech, I believe.
Poor guy is so weighed down he has to talk to our feet
Miyazaki blessed him with the ability to watch feet 24/7
Maybe it's Hidetaka Miyazaki himself.
He has orders, ok?
Let's hope the magnificence of my spells does not deter you
Worth noting is that if you kill him and then join the covenant; gaining rank wont open the shortcut (just got to rank +3). So much for those hours farming humanity..
Wait nvm apparently the secret path isnt behind the wall beyond the daughter of chaos heh.



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Ahh, no worries! At least you tried to warn others; good stuff!
If you kill her you can no longer use that bonfire
Was he the one quelana talked about
As a pyromancer...He never gave me the pyromancy flame even though i had the egg, and int above req. He did sell me the poison and toxic mist pyromancies. would have been nice to have a second one i could use to trade for red slab.
If you already have one l, he won’t give you an extra.
Maybe dropping your pyromancy flame and them speak to him the first time will work, or it's just that you don't get one from him as a pyromancer starting class.
Sorry bro but the fair lady is not into you she’s taken by are boy Kirk of thorns