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The lightning strike effect from the bolt launched during the weapon art will activate for some reason, if the bolt hits a bonfire. The effect happens otherwise only when it hits an enemy, NPC or a player!
Surprise. The bonfire is alive.
Bonfires seem to interact with lightning. If you chuck a lightning spear at one it'll redirect the bolt into the sky. Pretty neat.
No, that effect happens with all metal objects including lamps lmao, it's not some deep lore it's just what happens when lightning finds the path of least resistance
"To send people flying, miss the first R2 attack but land the second" Thanks for the pilot lessons!
Pilot’s license, what for?
-Bubsy the Cat
This makes clearing up Archdragon Peak way easy. Killed the big serpentbois with a weapon-art + one or two extra-stabs
Estoc, this, and swordspear are fun weapons
Strange a spear with lightning effect does not scale with faith


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it has D scaling in faith
Scaling numbers are meaningless lol. I don't think it scales well after 20 or so faith. It's definitely a quality weapon, don't ever level up faith for this. This just works like Swordspear but at least it doesn't require you to have 18 faith.
Maybe it’s cause Ornstien lost faith in the gods of Londo and went to find the last thing he had faith in, the nameless king?
Its a dex weapon with a faith and strength side dish
Never managed to send anyone flying with r2 and haven t found any video about it. So i think it s fake info.
try harder
Apparently, miss your first 2-hand heavy and the second swing’s the obliterator. Try rolling into charges heavy, if it catches someone it’ll banzai ‘em:)
If you re going to say op is wrong unironically, put a link to a video showing that. Don't be a prick.
Just git gud
Ornstein and Smough are a duo. You can get Smough's hammer in irithyll and his set from Aldrich, yet you have to kill the *****ing nameless king to get Ornstein's set and spear. I feel like one is more difficult than the other
It was more difficult to get Ornstein's set in the original Dark Souls also
Actually you don't need to kill Nameless to get it, it's stuck in the gate and you can easily pick it up not that much after the Dragon Kin Mausoleum bonfire. His armor set on the other hand you need to kill Nameless to get.
So you guys think getting ornsteins weapon and set is difficult in both games? :') Pathetic -_-
2 words friend, lore implications
is there any reason to pick this over the Swordspear?
Ornstein complete outfit
Weapon art is insane if you hit every tick from what ive heard. Also 2 handed spear moveset preference maybe?
its a better dex weapon and has 100% spear move set and not halberd basic R1 when two handed.
-It's an actual spear and not a halberd.
-It's weapon art is good.
-It's Ornstein's mother****in' spear.
-You don't have to beat the hardest optional boss in the game to get it.
bonefire should be bonfire
Depends on what you like to do with your fire.
Whoever defends that this spear can send people flying but doesn't post a link to a video showing that "feature" of the weapon, is an absolute clown.
I think its the actual weapon's description not a feature, ds1 O and S shows off this "ability" because I remember Ornstein's "combo" where he hits you and then staggers you long enough to send you "flying" if you didn't have enough poise to tank the initial hit and then dodge the bigger atack.



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Theres nothing to defend. It's the 2nd heavy attack you waste of space.
Ha, what a dumbass.