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Kill me if i'm wrong but it seems that this can only count two hits on the same target. I tested it below one of the two demons of the Demon Prince bossfight and only counted two ticks. then i tryed it with both of them in range and it did the same amount of damage on both and sometimes only half of it if one was hit by only one pillar. Did 580 dmg at 35 faith with a +10 Saint Charm in NG. So, not even usefull on big bosses. Even the white corona can be usefull because it can hit up to 4 times if you aim it precisely and deal a good amount of dmg. Not this spell though.
Oh thank you, I was making a list of the worst Spells and weapons to make runs with
This spell has the same casting animation as wrath of the gods.

Now why is that important?

In pvp you could trick your opponent into thinking your casting another wrath of the gods and then... Bam, light pillar up the ***.

Will the damage ever be good? NO

Is it good as a mix up? Yes

I’m not saying as miracle is super useful, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely useless.

Don’t forget that this gets damage boosted by Flynn’s Ring

If you have trouble with people backing off and not getting hit by this you can switch it up with Wrath of the Gods or First Aid. These will force people to change how they approach you.
very useful on hallways or tight spaces because the pillars are more concentrated.
lure enemy on hallways-> block their exit->poise cast this spell
Also works on bridges or cliffs because the pillars wont spawn where there is no ground.
Chaos storm is usually more efficient.