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Stuck at demon prince? Use this.
Stuck at Nameless King? Use this as well. Easiest NK fight in my life.
demon prince was living hell the first time through
then i played a miracle build and used this to bleed him a new urethra
A shame miracles and faith builds got the short end of the stick composed to other casters, imagine what could have been...
The hell are you talking about? You ever use lightning arrow or sunlight spear before? Or been able to use soothing sunlight and heal your entire god damn health bar? Miracles and faith builds are perfectly fine
Since bleed buildup scales with luck, would this make some kind of wacky faith/luck build viable, at least for PvE?
See Note 2.2:

"This bleed buildup is a fixed value, and does not scale with Luck, Faith, or Intelligence."
you can make any build PvE viable
I think that Evangelist might've fallen to the Abyss, those screams sound an awful lot like the Bloatheads in DS1's Oolacile
Good catch!
Dear lightning spear users: your ranged damage is so lame that isn't even worth dodging. What? Point blank range? Yeah, good luck getting close to trade with a caster. I just need to do 2 steps back to avoid that point blank bs and swipe your guts with lifehunt scythe. Slash! There goes the hp you thought lost in my health bar.

Tears of denial? That's cute. Keep rolling away from my insects.
Enemys who die just by spamming this spell with 24 Faith and a Sunless Tali +4: Havel, Dancer, The Nameless King, Champion Gundyr, Demon Prince, Slaveknight Gael, Deep Accused.
Its basically beeing naked, spamming roll and KEKW-ing at all :D
Oceiros too, I remember trying it out on him as a mistake literally just to find out that he died in 4 spell casts... this spell os a bit too intense if you ask me, who needs dark pyromancies anyways?