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Not affected by that talent, making it more useless than it has ever been.
WOW imagine being so stupid that you call OP consumable "useless". Dude, you are definition of being bad at games.
He said talent as in five star food talent which is the most useless talent in the game imagine being so bad at reading and criticize others cause you still learning grade 2 reading smh
LOL at the guy bashing the OP. PIN OF SHAME!!!
Directing to the 2nd comment, five star dinner isn't the most useless talent. It can easily make a character immune elements and being immune to something isn't most useless thing.
I mean OP is stupid but you should look in the mirror as well.
I think the diner talent is waaay more valuable take the time to stop and check out your enemy crafting medium potions isn't that expensive having 100% resistance to the elements, also combined with living armor you can solo a surprising amount of fights without the op talents like lone wolf and executioner
this is easily the most broken item in the game. haste + green tea + apotheosis + skin graft + high any elemental skill(s) = 1 ap nuke spam for 2 straight turns of utter hellfire and brimstone. brew it into the tea for -2 ap cost at her teapot and make as much as you can.