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Great eagle war
why does the icon look like the clean version of the sword, that you get from Sif, but when you equip it, it looks like the sword you get from artorias?
I know right? I would’ve much preferred it. It’s kinda like how Lorian’s Greatsword looks different from the icon.



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Such a good weapon. A much better investment then the Farron Greatsword by far
We've got a noob here. Both weapons are great in the right hands. Don't expect them to be meta.
But can you spin around like a bayblade?
you can beyblade with both! but agree. Neither are top tier, both are fun, and both are crappy against good players. I personally like using the wolfknight greatsword because of its length and weird 1h r2 timing. Also vs slower WAs, I can slam jam with WA r2.


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This is better for quality, while the Farron Greatsword is better for dexterity. And both have awesome movesets btw
gael is not abyssal
yes he is



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Know what you’re talking about before you post something, numb nuts.
did you just say numb nuts unironically
me and sigward sitting at bonfire sigward hmm that's a rather blade you carry did you make it ? me no its not mine it used to belong to a hero of past a knight of Gwyn actually he was a hero to sigward hmm I have not heard of him by chance do you know his name ? me sigward my friend have you heard the tale of artorias the Abysswalker the wolf knight of Gwyn this is his blade and I carry it in his name. sigward your a good man ashen one my you live up to his legend .
nice fanfic. wrong place for it though
I'd rather use black knight or gaels GS instead



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Abyssal enemies takes 20% more damages, so hitting them with this weapon at 500 AR is the same (basicly) as hitting them with another weapon with 600 AR?
Since it says it deals 20% dmg to Pus of Man, does that mean it would deal 20% dmg to Iudex Gundyr in 2nd phase?
Gael being abyssal seems to be a common misconception across the internet. I recently did a playthrough testing the damage of this sword, BKS, and Hollowslayer. All 3 swords dealt similar damage to gael until his second phase where Hollowslayer dealt 20% increased damage. This means Gael is never abyssal, but becomes hollow.