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The only evil thing this dude has ever done was leaving yorshka alive.

If you are toxic, dislike this.
why doses everyone hate yorshka exactly shes just their to allow you to join Darkmoon knights
It's probably because she IS the leader of the darkmoon knights, considering they are a insta gank Squad to whoever has the banner equipped.
Hard boss
Last night I beat him alone, first try, with a Heavy Claymore +6, 40 STR and 25 END.
I didnt realize you can like and dislike comments without an account
I know though!
Does anyone know why a boss would deal double damage to a phantom? Whenever I get summoned to a specific players world (I didn't actually know the guy he just summoned me multiple times) I noticed that pontiff always did way more damage to me then he usually does when I am summoned for others on the fight. The host always started off with a parry and riposte and then tried to hit him with storyteller's staff's poison and that was the only unique aspects I remember about those fights. I looked around and tried to see if calamity ring affected phantoms or something along those lines but saw nothing.
think he was in ng +
Unfortunately we have to thank this d I c k head for making the dancer. Extra fucin thicc
Most interesting boss in the game lore-wise.
He's a literal evil tyrant who usurped a god, enslaved the local population, Vordt and the Dancer, plots behind the scenes and sends his agents to other countries to spy, kill you or slow you down. The only one (Sable Church aside) who actually has a plan and ambitions for after the fire faded. Every other boss in the game is either insane, desperate, just wants to survive or an animal that just protects its territory.
Also the hardest boss in the main game and a roadblock for hours, at least for me. A shame he isn't even the main boss of his area and by the time most players killed him, they have no clue who and what he was.
idk abyss watchers gave me wayyy more trouble this guy gives u so many openings and if u keep moving he literally swings over ur head half the time.. plus you can just dps the phantom to death as he summons it so thats not really an issue either
I needed 3h for Pontiff. AW took me 30min the first time. AW can also be stunlocked I think, but can't remember for sure now if I confuse them with another fight...fully charged ugs 2h heavy might do the job. Also their combos are always the same. Pontiff has moments where he freaks out and never stops attacking. But interesting that everyone considers different bosses as difficult.
the hardest boss in the game for me. my main problem with him is how unpredictable his attacks can be, and even though i had probably one of the best items for him, i just couldn't beat him no matter what. literally the only reason that i don't do any ng/ng+ cycle is just so i don't have to fight him again