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The only weapon to bring casul and tryhards together, everybody loves the claymore
Even the comment has 0 dislikes, amazing. Claymore could bring world peace
very good sword I killed 5 twinks with it all of them around SL 20-30 , all of my niggas had around 1100 HP as an invader and did like 200 dmg with some **** axe so ye it felt kinda good killing some twinks
i swear if people disliked you because of that word...
Or maybe cause it’s bs lol cause his “niggas” are probably overleved phantoms that hold his hand throughout the game.
Something tells me hitting a counter hit on someone with this things R2 or WA R2 with leo ring on will really hurt... red tearstone and morion aswell to add spice... think I just got myself a build idea here.
Update: It really hurts. A fully charged r2 counter (without rt ring or morion blade) does 900+ damage, and an uncharged one is in the 600-700 ballpark. I have landed a r2 counter at low hp and it nearly did 1000, and that was uncharged! I believe a fully charged leo counter at low hp would be enough to put your opponent on death's door, if not outright kill them... should you land one.
A yes, the casul slayer
My lawd haters just gotta hate it seems! I've read through comments on A LOT of weapons here on this site and every one has "great for casuals", "try hard", "meta", "noob weapon", etc. Seems like every weapon comes with a little sprinkling of salt! Claymore is as basic, no thrills, if you're decent at the game you will make it weapon in the game. No special tricks required just timing and don't get greedy. Now weapons like the PKCS or straight swords deserve some salt because it's just a matter of endurance and taking potassium so that your R1 finger doesn't cramp out to win.
You are mistaken…the Claymore is not “basic”. It is a Dark Souls Classic.
not true, the special trick to the claymore is ABUSING the hyper armor and phantom range
not to get political, but BEANS
WOAH, the f**k dude! You can’t go just and say stuff like that, seriously!
Instead of the firelink greatsword, it should be the claymore lodged in the bonfire since it's such a staple and amazing sword
Is this good for a dex build?
Whilst it works the best on a STR build and great on a Quality build. It will absolutely work for DEX. 40-60 DEX, 16 STR, Sharp Infusion. You’ve got yourself a reliable weapon.
The Claymore more like the LAMEmore LOL! Imagine using this garbage when you can use the PKCS instead. This weapon is so laughably slow. You can't even reaction roll catch with it LOL! If you think this can compete with the PKCS then fight me with it. I'll easily out space and whiff punish all your super slow attacks then point you down after EASILY killing you for thinking there is any other weapon in the game worth using when the PKCS exists.
I can't even tell what's ironic anymore...
Used the claymore in ds1 and ds3
Absolutely wrecked mobs and bosses with minimal reinforcements
10/10 will use again in elden ring