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best one-shot magic right? better than soul stream if whole spell connects though? can someone tell me pls (thank you in advance)
Soul stream is for heavy pve enemies it can push even the toughest mobs and knock them on their back and it can kill humungous hp bosses such as yhorm or wolnir since they do not have any iframes unlike human players in pvp which usually just take 3 ticks of dmg and fall. Crystal breath does slightly more dmg than css and has better stamina and fo consumption but cannot reach enemies that are off the ground such as dragons in lothric castle it also cannot target the heads of giants and it travels less distance than css though its distance it long enough i doubt this will ever be a concern. So this spell the highest range dmg spell in pvp old moonlight does more dmg when both blade and projectile land.
the biggest issue I've had with soul stream in pvp is its too easy too dodge and punish maybe I'm not using it right but I alwaget back stabbed before it fires off
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Now, I know a good bunch of people think this is a garbage spell but if you use it right this thing can do an absolute massive amount of damage. Try to bait with CSS and then surprise them with this spell. Haven’t tried it in PvE, but I would imagine it would major league blast the crap out of certain slow bosses most likely Father Ariandel will not have a good time with this.
It also cheaper than souls spear and it does more damage
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MLGS for battle mages. WDB for distance mage. And get the other in NG+
This is pretty good against the Twin Princes. It's cheap, FP and stamina efficient, and it can travel over both bosses. The casting speed makes it a little tricky to use since he'll teleport away if you're too far, but too close and you'll eat a sword sandwich, but I had great fun with it when I was summoning or being summoned for jolly cooperation.
Also, spell deals different damage regarding distance: the closer you are the more damage, as full trail hits or a part of it. When a full trail hits it is similar damage to Crystal Soul Spear.
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The spell is powerful and when used correctly can devastate in PvE or PvP. It has a learning curve however, which most players seem to hate for some reason. The biggest complaints are, as expected, the range and lack of aerial capability. It’s almost like everyone has forgotten you can equip more than one spell. Most mages are noobs and spam HCSM with CSS though so it’s not surprising. Get a little variety, it’ll go a long way and you’ll probably win more invasions.
I 100% agree. All mages are boring pew pew casters or spamming crystal soulmass, while with a little bit of *intelligence* you can destroy people by combining all different things like white dragon breath, sword spells and mist. Its much more fun and viable, cause opponent doesnt know what comes next.
Also a good side weapon can't tell you how many people I've caught off guard by swapping to moonlight greatsword no one it seems expects a mage to pull out a greatsword
Unfortunately a meme once they learn they can roll forward every single time and dodge it always, I used this spell like this for years and recently dropped it after I saw this, the way the hitbox works is that each crystal only has a hitbox when they are spawning, after the crystal is formed the spell doesn't have a hitbox anymore, so your opponent can roll forward once they see the cast animation finish (the character does a little twist with the staff) and since the only other spells with the crystal cast animation are crystal soul spear and crystal homing soulmass, rolling forward will counter all three options eliminating any mixup opportunity :(
Sadly it really is a gimmick spell but still looks cool and it's decent for PvE
Very useful against guys who dodge all other things by simply running to the side. Also hitting somebody with very last crystal on free aim is one of the most satisfying things in pvp