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Is it worth keeping this or should I just sell it for an extra boost?
2000 souls are worthless in the long run and the ring can save you in a pinch. You've no idea how many times I've raged over not being able to save a bunch of souls.
It's fun to gift this to people in the arena, followed by a point down, and a parry to one-shot riposte. :)
It's fun to get gifted Something in the arena, see the bag on the ground and start attacking them because clearly they are a **** who is up to something; let's be real for a minute here.
yeah... totally
I think the Wiki is missing one tidbit of info so I did some testing.

Okay; if we wear the ring and Die, our souls stay in our inventory. But if first we lose some souls, then don the ring, then die before recovering those souls, we keep our souls and we ALSO don't lose the green pickup that represents our previous souls.

To clarify with a sequence:
>Be Me
>SL 19
>Running **** first through the minefield that is Ashes of Ariendel DLC because I hate being invaded there and just want to show up at an appropriate level to gank Friede with 5 phantoms.
>Try to run and grab Quakestone Hammer from Millwood Knight Guardian.
>"Killed 'Em in One-Hit" - Millwood Knight
>Lost 30,000 something souls since I haven't leveled up since Vordt.
>Run back up hill with Ring of Sacrifice to try to recover souls.
>Nothing left to lose Go back
>Souls Still There
>Get too Excited to run and pick them up again
>"Killed 'Em in One-Hit" - Millwood Knight
hehe greentext funni
I use this in a very specific type of playthrough/character where if you fail to grab your bloodstain/souls before dying again, then the playthrough/character is forever lost UNLESS you equip this ring to save the bloodstain/souls.
Damn, you actually got gud
Lol that’s the exact playthrough I’m doing right now! Going through Irithyll Dungeon currently. Wish me luck with the jailers lol
Unlike DS2's Ring of Soul Protection, when you die, the ring is destroyed and cannot be repaired. I die for exploring and finding ways to destroy all monsters along the way.
if it secured my embered state upon death this ring would be very useful. why is this ring so limited in every way? even titanite slabs are 15 and these rings are only 8. you can tell it is poorly designed when all of us probably abused it in DS2 and most of never used it in 3
Probably the only thing i never actually use...