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how to delete weapon
It’s always going to be Deep Dark Sword to me.
Finally, black knight dagger
This is it. Pack it up boys. Delete Fextralife. This will forever be the best comment to be made on this site.
That hitbox was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too laggy, and too powerful, it was more like a large hunk of meme.
“Unique sword technique” means 13 R1s followed by a point down
That's like every straight sword in the game not exclusively this one.
I'm a noob pvp'er and I've liked using this +heavy compared to other straightswords but I can't find a weapon I really enjoy, any suggestions?
Maybe try the warpick or pickaxe. they get overlooked a lot.
In terms of strait swords, you have 3 options on a str build: Dark sword, ringed knight strait sword, long sword. Dark sword is the longest (I think) and has the best damage especially with a bundle but has a bad r2. RKSS is also pretty long but has worse damage than the dark sword in exchange for a good r2 and weapon art with good hyper armor. A heavy long sword does very comparable damage to the dark sword, has the good r2 of the RKSS, and a more useful wa than the dark sword but considerably worse range. All 3 are pretty good so its really just preference. In terms of other strength weapons I recommend the claymore and zweihander.
Try vastly differing movesets and playstyles to cover all your bases. I suggest a spear (partizan is one of the most varied, normal halberd has a similar playstyle too), Glaive (normal one), an ultra greatsword of choice (I find Greatsword and Cathedral Knight Greatsword to be reliable), a scimitar, a handaxe (it has a hybrid moveset between axe and a dagger), a dual weapon (sellsword twinblades for example) and a greatsword of choice (claymore or broadsword will do).

Then, once you find your most fun base moveset, you can find the best weapon within that respective class. For curved swords, pontiff knight curved sword tends to work best in majority of situations, while for greatswords Claymore and Onyx Blade are the most reliable.

The way you play will change drastically between weapon classes. With a 2h greatsword and a small amount of poise (~10) you can trade (multiple hits) with any light 2h attacks from daggers, straight swords, spears, pikes, mall axes, curved swords, scythes; with moderate poise (~32), with glaives as well; with high poise (~48) you can trade with small hammers, and if you get to 51+, you can trade with other greatswords. But if you chose to use a glaive or a halberd, you'll need 58 poise to trade just a single hit against a greatsword, so you'll have to rely on spacing much more than trades.
@Feb 5th: You only need 38 poise to trade nearly indefinitely with another 2h greatsword when wielding a greatsword yourself. You might need to reset your poise after every time trade, though
the buff force glitch you could make this a dark dark dark sword :)
Best sword in the game!
It has A's in both int and faith, when infused with chaos or dark now
Dark Sword? More like goddamnit why was one of the coolest looking weapons so broken and widely used by idiots that it had to be nerfed into the ground and now if you use it everyone thinks/knows you are an imbecile sword.
To be fair it did used to have VERY high damage



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Still slaps in pve
"and now if you use it everyone thinks/knows you are an imbecile sword"
No? That's more like LKSS, Gotthard and RKSS cancel. Nobody uses Dark Sword anymore except for a 60 strength build and even then they would still have RKSS as their main straight sword option.