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I HATE THIS GAME why play this, play something else instead like skyrim.
theres no point playing this game when you level 613 like me.
Miren un pendejo que no le ponen atencion en casa :D
huh i dont understand english please :)
OH! i see as**ole i translated 'Miren un pendejo que no le ponen atencion en casaand' and it said: Look at an as**ole who doesn't pay attention to him at home' cool i just hate the game right its cool and i am the as**ole! this game is horrible because when i have 10 millions when i die they all dissapear thats why
Once upon a time, there was a man who was caged in a cell, then he escaped by a elite knight named Oscar of Artoras. Then after that he killed some hollowed guys while the stray demon was walking on the right of his sight. After he killed some hollowed guys, he continued his jouney to the asylum demon he climbed up the stairs and saw the elite knight! he walked upstairs and saw a huge ball rolling to him then it crash the wall behind him and he talked to the knight. The knight game him a estus flask. then somehow he just killed him self. the hero has then continued his jouney to the asylum demon. he killed the asylum demon. After that, he went to firelink shrine. the end
i hate this game and also yes
G O O D I S L I K E M Y C O O M M M E E E E E E E E E E E E E E N T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O R S A Y B A D S T U F F T O M Y C O O M M M E E E E E E N T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
f*ck you man this game is good and you, you're trashed
U T H I N K i CARE?! N O O O O I D O N T H A H A H A H A
You are dumb
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Bro you are crazy
another idiot
whats inside your Brain, POOOP??
i dont know. hmmm maybe my brain is poop. or maybe a banana squelched on my brain. this game is horrible!. smough and ornstein is very HARD. thats not fair for these smough ornstein to be so hard! and oh i forgot. i think you guys gonna say i am EXTREMLY CRAZY.
Also, i just commented this for fuuunnn! :D because of SMOUGH AND ORNSTEIN THEY ARE VERY HARD
Ok, calm down, seriously man you sound like, your going to have a seizure
Fool ahead
Bro, WTF is wrong with u? do u have a trauma, , infected by !!!!!! virus?
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Hey, is there any, ANY, ANY! way to decrease the difficulty of the game because this game is starting to almost giving me a heart attack. and i dont want find a new game. i love this game! this game is forcing me to play this instead of others
and i am not noob too i am high level now i want to decrease the difficulty.
and i dont belive google that you cant lower the difficulty.
There is no traditional difficulty setting. It’s all built into the game, some strats work better than others in certain parts and you need to take advantage of that.
U may find some difficulty mod on nexus mods go check it out.
hey, im not on pc or computer. im on xbox 360 offline but connected to the internet but not xbox live, so why would you think i can mod. i dont know maybe you can, if can, thats GOOD, if can't, thats HORRIBLE
Look up how to do the soul duplication glitch for Dark Souls 1 and over power yourself for new game by making yourself like level 400. Will basically put the game on easy mode. Or just Git Gud Scrub.
oh sorry. I already know this glitch months ago. I use the dragon head stone glitch using Soul of a great hero. the one you suggested is slower but thanks. And Im already Level 435 the game completly easy
This is my goal 'Make Everything 1 hit kill' Some monsters are still not one hit they still like 2 or 3 hits. And i know its crazy. My friend started ng now he hates the game so much! He is now playing dark souls 2
oh sorry i already know this glitch months ago. i think you mean using the dragon head stone glitch. I am already but i never started an ng+ when my friend started an ng+ he does not likes the game anymore, he hated it. hated it so much!! so i dont want to end up like him.
oh sorry I already know this glitch 11 months ago. you mean this glitch the dragon head stone glitch using souls
I am already
< Level 435 >
You know my friend reached level 332 and he started an ng+
He hated the game so MUCH!!!! Now he is playing Dark Souls 2
Hey, is there any other good-looking higher defence armor rating armor than havel armor set? and i dont want armor thats needs TWINKLING titanite to upgrade. im not going to waste my time for 3 hours dieing in great hollow find the CRYSTAL LIZARDS. but since the giAnt blacKSmith isnt selling any twinkling titanite i had to farm in great hollow! i have a comment in this wiki thats with 'uh hey why isnt the giant black smith selling twinkling titanite'
U can get the stone knight set. Almost similar stats to havels set plus its a little lighter aloowing you to mid roll.
hey is that higher armor rating than havel? its no, so why are you suggesting stone armor set? i want something that can better and be plus+.
“So why are you suggesting stone armor?”

Stop being an ungrateful twat. There’s virtually no options because the only armour above havels is the giants which requires twinkling that you won’t accept. That guy who replied suggesting the stone set probably wanted to offer you alternatives to help out rather than ignore you’re overly specific question all together. Please appreciate the efforts of others even if it’s not exactly what you’re looking for.
oh i see. giant armor, that requires twinkling titanite.
HMMGH giant armor. sure i appreciate his idea stone armor. THIS WILL NOT BE A PROBLEM IF THE GIANT BLACKSMITH WAS SELLING TWINKLING TITANITES!! but this wiki says he's selling it. he wasn't for some reason
You’ve already been told why he’s not selling it in your other comment below
Yeah I know. You think im stupid? i think im going accept that i will be having havel armor
Watch the true ending the developers removed from the main game: google 'Dark Souls 1 Secret ending Solaire ending' LET US PRAISE THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is this Dark Souls game the right game for you?
Take this test to find out! Yes = 1 point No = 0 points

1 Yes/No Do you sometimes have the urge wasting time killing some hollowed soldiers over and over again?
2 Yes/No Do you keep resting at a bonfire every second?
3 Yes/No Can you handle the red letters on your screen every second that you won't be able to play anymore?
4 Yes/No Are twinkling titanites very hard to farm for you?
5 Yes/No Do you often waste your time on tests like this one?
6 Yes/No Can you handle disgusting mobs?

0 score = You love this game but hates handling disjusting mobs but titanites are very easy for you to farm and you hate wasting time.
1-2 score = You little bit love this game but deep inside your heart, you really HATE THIS GAME!! BECAUSE SMOUGH AND ORNSTEIN ARE REALLY HARD FOR YOU!!
2-4 score = You little bit hate this game so much because those hollowed soldiers shoots you then the entire screen turns to white and black and you see this word called 'YOU DIED'.
4-6 score = You REALLY HATE this game that it willl end you up SCREAMING DESTORYING THE PC AND THE GAME. and the stray demon, you keep on dieing on.
Also,i forgot to add this. Show your results after the test!!
My results is 5 but i dont hate this game so your test is not true!!!
Your test is just so dumb and stupid!!!
Guys' why do you have to dislike this comment its just a test to know if the game is right, why dislike it whats wrong you people? i took this guy's test and its right and TRUE!
why did you post this ds1 test in this wiki? why dont u post it in youtube
Then, why dont you create ONE!
Praise the Sun, Yall
there's no dark souls 3!! on xbox 360. this is why i f*ckin hate xbox consoles! i wished i had a pc or ps4 to play dark souls 3. or maybe dark souls 3 is completely nothing like dark souls 2
Who hates this game so much? because i do the monsters are so hard at ng+7
If you hate the game so much, Please dislike my comment if you hate the game or reply
If you don't hate the game so much, Please don't bother dislike or like my comment or reply
Are you ****ing kidding me??