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Tips. Be overlevelled. Me and my partner cleared this dungeon/area easy, we just did it after we'd finished everything else. There are much higher level areas in the game. Personal way? summon a level 10 incarnate champion, buff him, haste him, double his turn, and have him slap her to death in one turn.
I won this by pre setting up the battlefield to my mage’s (Fane) advantage. Dropped a giant oil slick right where she would appear, then cast peace of mind on myself and started the convo. During the convo I had one of my party members teleport one of the dogs down near the others, starting the fight. My mage went first, nether swapped himself with the eternal, then teleported the last upper dog down so all enemies were bunched up together. Cast Time Warp to take another turn, and then the fun began.

At that point, standing on an oil slick, I had elemental affinity with earth. Cast Impalement to get everybody oiled up, ignition, then just started throwing fire spells like crazy. They all died, except for one wolf outside the range of the spells. Had enough AP to chain lightning him at the end.

It was a fun fight! Took me a few tries to find this strategy, but once I had it, I found it worked pretty reliably (retried a few times because it’s so satisfying killing the entire party before they act)
I started the fight with 30 initiative and went third...In my playthrough the initiative doesnt work as it supposed to be...she had tooooo many AP or her skills cost only 1 AP...idk but this game has some ****ty parts...I like the game but it's broken in some places but...what do I know ?
I've beaten the eternal wifu at lvl 12 on tactician mode with Ifan and Prince (both have lone wolf). For this to work you need Prince to stand on top right next to the girl and Ifan starting dialogue. Both should survive first few turns of beating, luckily she only spawns 2 additional wolves so it's not a big issue. You also need 2+ charm grenades, you can look their recipe up on the wiki. When combat starts, prince should use fire breath\any other magical damage spell on three wolves that are going to be grouped around the Eternal. Preferably not to impale\stun\freeze them. Once their magical armor is down, ifan uses tactical retreat to jump upstairs and throws a charming grenade on the wolves, as well as starts hitting the girl. If you're lucky, 2 wolves might just go for the girl and do MASSIVE damage to her. Usually they just act as a bait and quite a good one, since they explode upon death dealing more damage to the eternal. From there you just need to make quick work of her physical armor for prince and ifan to constantly knock her down. Only other issue are three remaining wolves which are going to jump to the balcony. You can just use another charming grenade and it's gg.
Bah. Tried twice, wiped out both times in one round, with a Lone Wolf party of two at level 12. I mean, I like a lot of this game, or else I wouldn't still be playing, but this is just **** design. There's nothing along the way to this fight to indicate that you might be three or four levels premature.

Big exciting lead up, only to be slapped in the face. It's frustrating and breaks immersion.
Then just play story mode you whiny baby
Yo cry me a river seriously
what the actual **** is that encounter about... Level 14 and no matter the strategy the Eternal Aetera summons and stuns and freezes everything... I am all for difficult bosses but that was ridiculous. It isn't even fun, just bloody frustrating. Finally managed to stop the git but I now have a headache and don't feel much like progressing for a while till it goes away... Call me crazy, but that isn't what a computer game is meant to do to you. Pity such a great game has such ridiculous encounters at times.
That's the reason why you are able to craft the armor of the eternals just before this fight, it prevents her from stunlocking one of your characters
Can't you just play on a lower difficulty?
I had zero problems with this quest
Challenging but pretty normal boss fight. Beat it on Lvl 12 with an Aero/Hydro battle mage and a Summon/Necro Lohse also in battle mage setup (Wand + Shield)
3/4th's of my party were dead before I could even press a button. It was such a thorough thrashing that I thought it was a scripted defeat. :^(
Dead by what? Lol
You just need to survive the first round. Split your party into 2 - leave 3 people (group 1) behind Amedia's pillar. And have your main (group 2) walk towards the sarcophagus. When the fight starts, two wolves will hit you. I had enough initiative to go 3rd round and phoenix dive out to group 1 location. Then the eternal will suck some source points out of the wolves (round 4) and by the time the eternal + wolves reach group 1's location, you'll have an easy 2 free rounds.