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Some dude invaded my world and gave this to me.
Yo, same here. Just goes to show, not all dark spirits have lost their humanity
Betray him
Kingseeker Frampt: "I'm Gwyn's bestest damned friend, but I'll pay you good money if you let me eat his soul."
Why is it recommended to not use it?
You lose out on 2 weapons if you use it


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Because the Weapon and Miracle you can get from this Soul are some of the most powerful in the game, so they're just recommending that you create the Great Lord Greatsword or the Sunlight Spear rather than consume it for souls.
Achievement. You need to do all boss weapons
Can you trade it to Snuggly for something?
Nope. I just did out of curiosity. He gives nothing and soul is gone as well. Good thing I am not intend to play NG+ all the way through otherwise I'd pissed royally.
Highly recommended to use this soul. Sword is useless and Sunlight spear requires 50 faith. yummy 40k souls.
20k, dumbass. Sunlight Spear is amazing for miracle builds, 50 faith is nothing. I'd only use it for SS and duping glitches.
Hey idiot, did you not see the part that Seuss you can sell it to Frampt for 40k?
I’d rather get a greatsword than some damn 40,000 souls I can get easily get in NG+.
don't care about the Greatsword, the Miracle, or the 40k souls.
just care about my platinum
Unfortunately you need the weapon AND the miracle for platinum, dumbass
Bro chill out. What did he even say to provoke you?
Best use is to duplicate this soul to get to max level
How so?
Duping works by riposte. 1. Riposte with a weapon (2handed if female) 2. Open the menu and use the soul through the menu 3. Open it once again but this time use another consumable (Using the orange sign soapstone works best; Wait half a second before using it. Being too fast or too slow makes you just use the consumable) 4. ??? 5. Profit
i've been given 90 of these...
Is this Gwyn's Lord Soul, his own one, or are those two too intertwined to separate?
Gwyn only has one soul, his Lordsoul. I thought that was pretty obvious.
You think Gwyn had no soul when he pulled his Lord soul from the flames at the beginning of the age of fire? Feeble cursed one, immerse yourself in lore for another 10 years before criticizing others.
Na no thanks ill take the souls my black knight sword is more than strong enough. Like im not playing through ng+ just to get 50 faith for a miracle that im never going to use or the lord great sword when both the black knight sword and the bk halberd are two of the best wepons in the game
It would be more worthwhile to get the weapon and miracle. As 40k souls can be farmed in less than 5 minutes.
how can you farm 40k souls in less than 5 minutes? please, enlighten me
ng+ , forest hunters, if you can parry, there's your 40k souls in less that five minutes. People who use this soul for easily farmed resources are absolute **** troglodytes. "Enlighten me", get your ego checked
Are you dumb? This guy wrote he will not go through NG+, YOU get your ego checked Mr Incredible Badass
dang this reply section is TOXIC we all like the bloody game do we have to argue and see whos the bigger man? (or woman)
In dark anor londo, from princess bonfire. Two darkmoon knights each worth 5000 souls each in ng. They dont respawn from resting but they come back if you reset the map (homeward bone, warp etc). Kill them 4 times in 10 minutes max. Easy way to farm end game armor.