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The amount of love and dedication when his soul makes his master's armaments...
At their prime no less.
this boss was hard to kill not in difficulty but the heart to kill a creature who was just protecting
Especially after the dlc.
I like to think the soul of Sif lives on inside the sword. I used it to deliver the killing blow on the Four Kings, and it felt like avenging Sif against the ones who forced me to kill him.
dang thats a deep quote, can i steal that? i love the sword
" Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed) " the name is confusing , you think it is name (cursed ) when you trying to create it , but its not both of them " Greatsword of Artorias " dagger+10 = Greatsword of Artorias physical 178 ( this is the cursed , after you create this you will find in the description says its cursed ) broken straight sword+10 = Greatsword of Artorias physical 120 magic 85 (not cursed )
Can you be more coherent
hey i was playing the game and some dude invaded me to gift me 77 souls of sif, let me pick them up (and then backstab me lol). Why would someone do this? Did they literally play the game 77 times? am i supposed to gorge myself on them, or pass them on after making boss weapons?


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It's probably already too late, but you are never supposed to pick up items from strangers. You can risk putting yourself in danger of getting banned. (If the guy who gave you items was a hacker)
Grants 4000 souls when fed to Kingseeker Frampt you son of b!tch how could you eat soul of gray doggo
Would have been cool if Artorias' soul could've been used to make Sifs Collar or something like that. It could let you skip the fight and make him an available summon for bosses.