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At last, a device with which to inflict superior Bonk
Ledo: ay dog can i get a weapon?
Silver Knights: only a short sword
Ledo: *pulls out comically large hammer*
Hammer and anvil in one package
Big big bonker
grandfather of the great club destroyer of puny dex builds
Has A scaling in strength...
I get they needed to balance this but this is illogical.
I know right? Should've been S scaling.


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What you gain from wielding this weapon is massive strength. But it will cost you from gaining any skill whatsoever and you end up being a dumb ****tard who needs to spam the weapon art to win. Come to think of it most of the casuls I slay that use this don’t do anything other than the weapon art and they end getting backstabbed some many times that they rage quit presumably with the thought “ Uurr litle dex won’t stop cheating... I use hammer for big bonks but I can’t not ever hit him. Dark Souls 3 isn’t fair.” This seems to be the common thought process of the typical strength build to so I don’t get entirely surprised when those trash cans dc. I just thank the gods that the pkcs exists otherwise you wouldn’t be able to put those trash cans in their place. You guys should pick it up too but I guess you don’t have the intelligence to at this point.
Strength > dex
I love you pkcs guy. These posts make me smile and giggle.
pkcs for the win
My salt levels were rising while reading this and then the PKCS reveal made it one of my favourite comments. Nicely done sir.



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I knew at the start of the second sentence it was gonna be about pkcs.
you are garbage, you are rude to others for simply spamming the weapon art yet you yourself use the most basic spam build and think you are superior, you garbage you basic gank spammer, estus chugger, you ****trd of a ****tard just leave it be because you think you are better than others even though you are the lowest of the low and just are in general a spammer and you think that because you "put other into their place" that you are better, yet you are worse then a gank spamming estus chugger
Anon June 4 I think you spelled genius wrong
Anon June 4 someone is a little salty you wanna talk about it baby girl
r1 r1
Quick hack for fire buffed Ledo's: moveset swap with the ringed knight spear weapon art and instead of buffing with rocks, Ledo's will be buffed with fire and inflict fire damage split with physical damage. If you do a fully charged R2 when buffed with fire it will shatter rocks as if they were there.