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everyone talking about the fashion i never got it and by the image doesn t seem that much is it that great in game?
Honestly it's my favorite weapon. There's some other bleed weapons I like playing around with like the Lifehunt Scythe and Gold Tracer and my go-to standard weapon is just a +10 uchigatana, but there's nothing like Priscilla. She's a fine blade with a great moveset.

Pretty fast, longer range than other daggers, and if you have good poise you can surprise lightly armored opponents with the R2 double strike. Multiple times I've traded blows with someone and they thought they were outpacing me in damage, then the bleed hits and they die.

Also yeah the icon here doesn't do it justice. She's a beautiful weapon, elegant in her simplicity.
Oh and also it weighs 1.0 and has an S Dex scaling so for a ninja/dark wood grain ring build it's ideal.
If you don’t want to kill Priscilla and want the dagger, here’s a guide.
1. You’ll need the Lordvessel, so go kick O&S’ butts
2. Rest at the painted world bonfire
3. Beat painted world and JUMP OFF, do not attempt to get the tail yet.
4. Go to any bonfire that can be warped from and warp to the painted world bonfire (do not rest on it, if you did, repeat step 3)
5. Go to Priscilla and cut off her tail, after that bone out.
6. When you’re out, absolve sins at Oswald.
7. Profit.
thanks man
too late. I want that big scythe
Fire resin with Claymore +10 easily can be cut the tail!
If you cut off her tail and bone out will it appear back?
I just finished fight with her and I can confirm that after using bone tail will grow back.
Although that won't lead to another dagger.
Crazy bleed damage on that :>
a lil tip for ppl who arent in ng+ or didnt get the lortd vessel (mid game players basically)
if you failed to get the dagger (killed her) you can force quit and loss some progress which are only a few steps but you will be able to retry getting the dagger if you still cant get the dagger switch your weapon to some heavy sword/axe
It's a literal pain in the *** to get, but it's more than worth it.
It can end long tedious tank and chug matches almost instantly. One of the three meta breaking daggers.
Very stylish weapon (both visual and combat-combo) but damage is pretty low not good for ng+ and beyond