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anybody want to see the nameless king have a reunion with his bro gwyndolin
Old times: interesting character

New times: gender war
Me hey gwyndolin chill for a sec I have something Important to tell you about the future.

Gwyndolin okay I will hear you out what thou have to say ?

Me erm I know this sounds strange but you need to leave anor londo like now or you will be eaten by a giant worm.

Gwyndolin erm what what proof do you have of this ?

Me shows a picture of Aldrich to gwyndolin

Gwyndolin I must take my leave do you know where I may go?

Me there’s firelink shrine or you can go to a place called arch dragon peak

Gwyndolin I thank you for this warning
Y'know, the first one of these I saw was kinda weird, but they're growing on me.
If you play dark souls 3 and have rinsed Aldrich you should remember that crown
when game came out people look at his lore and ways to beat him modern day people have fights over political things like gender trans people

I remember when games were fun not political argument breeding grounds
Welcome to 2021
Trannies are scum, they attempt to ruin everything.
Transphobes are scum, they attempt to ruin everything.
Stop fighting in the comment section idlots. Who the hell cares about genders? You're a trans or something?
I personally call this boss "it" because it's just a bunch of snakes.
Ok. That's it. Its time I joined in on this wankwagon. Ya'll are allowed to have your gender/trans wars which inevitably go nowhere and end up creating a reply string so toxic it would put VX, Anthrax and Zyklon B to shame. And they stay here on Fextralife, no problems. Yet every time, EVERY ****ING TIME I post something even remotely and tastefully lewd about Gwyndolin on here, it gets obliterated as if it where the essence of COVID-19 itself. From a cheap one-liner to a paragraph-long Gwyndolin x Chosen Undead fanfic. To start, Imma put your **** to rest. From what I've read, the
comments regarding Dark Sun Gwyndolin and transsexualism (transsexuality?, whatever) has been in the tone and context of mere specualtion, **** and bait; relatively harmless I say. Albiet quite invalid in any serious argument. Unfortunately, the response that follow are what you may call the
"femboy defenders", which, ironically, sound like copypastas on steriods. The worst part? Some (SOME) of these replies and arguments are actually valid,
even if its a waste of time anyway. I'm talking about the trannies that gaslight people and treat them like trash and abusing people who are very
liberal about their masculinity/femeninity. But guess what? That is a TWITTER PROBLEM, that **** doesn't happen here. And If you want a good example, watch how the "real transsexuals" responded to the "Super Straight/***" phase. It exposed a ****ton of fake trannies who wanted to uses the banner and flag to harrass and abuse people (The "cult-like exercises" are stricly an IRL problem that are in need of actual criminal investigation, so **** off with that **** here). Once again, these problems have nothing to do with what is happening here on Fextra, so can it. I'll give you a hint on my opinion: I praise the people who made chill responses on the order of "he no trans, he femboy, take calming medicine." I generally agree with that statement. If you disagree? Cool. No problems there mate. Now, who wants to talk about doing the sexy with Gwyndolin?
gorgeous view ahead

be wary of sword
My brain hurt from reading this
the whole gender war that's going on all it is are *** holes being what they are *** holes for the sake of it and people who claim to represent a group are just doing the same being *** holes for the sake of it

gwyndolins character is genderless they are said they were RAISED as a daughter seemingly without choice in the matter so gwyndolin may be a boy they may be a girl or both they are a fantasy character dragons exist sentient mushroom's as well you can make up what you like and real world **** doesn't always have to be involved to the people who caused this mess **** off gwyndolin is not real or cares about you or your gender or preferences both sides have **** people so your both right here
now shut up and either enjoy the game the story the bosses the challenge or don't play the game because it hurt your feeling's get over it thats how life works the world full of *** holes deal with it
He's male. He isn't genderless. He's not a tranny.
He literally IDENTIFIES as and is identified by his siblings and servants as a male dipshit. Where do you get "genderless" from? You'd literally have to ignore what the game presents just to arrive at that dumbass conclusion.
The fact your offended by someone saying something about gender just proves this comments point
He’s genderless because you carnt actually biology say gwyndolin is a boy or girl
That's a dumb argument that just bc I react strongly to his argument means he's right lol. The point still stands that Gwyndowlin is born a boy and identifies as a boy and literally everyone except his dad refers to him as one so there is no possible way he can be genderless you mong. You actually can biologically say he is a boy because the people who made the game said so lol.
Have a sit traveler and a drink before going into this **** hole comment section.
Ya got any bleach


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Y'all out there chill for a bit, it's a boss in a video game, no one should care about its gender or whatever.
You wanna be angry about something ? Then rage at how bad and boring this fight is.
I mean, he has what, 3 different attacks ? Even the undead burg hollows have a more diverse moveset.
He's supposed to be some kind of god, he should at least put up a proper fight.
He does look frail and he's probably weak lore wise, but come on, the twin princes from ds3 were both impaired and the fight was still memorable.
There's no real gameplay to this bossfight, which is sad as it had some potential.
Now that i think of it, that may be because he's optional.
After all the moonlight butterfly fight was pretty bad aswell (and also only has 3 different attacks :):):) ) ,and the stray demon is a lazy reskin of the demon firesage.
Gwyndolin’s strengths happen behind the scenes. He works with Frampt to find a successor to Gwyn to keep the age of fire lingering and casts an illusion over the entire city of Anor Londo to maintain it’s past brilliance. He also creates Gwynevere’s illusion to further manipulate the chosen undead and is the leader of a covenant with followers behind him. I can’t make the claim that his boss fight was deliberately designed to be underwhelming but with all of the above it wouldn’t be a far off possibility. He is a major character in the game without even being seen by most players but all of his influence happens in secret.