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Fun trickweapon but the damage makes it pretty *****e.



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It has higher counter damage than most straight swords, easily the longest range of any straight sword when using its heavy attacks, the best thrusting moveset of any straight sword since its 2H normals are thrusts with fast tracking, and ties with the shortsword and broken straight sword for being the lightest straight sword in the game. On a low vitality build with Ring of Blades + 2 and Flynn's Ring this sword is monstrous.
im so stupid i just threw away 11 twinkling on this garbage weapon because i thought it was scale amazing and it would increase in damage UGH
This weapon isn't intended to be smashing*****...But it's bloody fantastic in the black gulch to shatter poison statues with it's whip attacks. And it's got excellent durability for a small sword. Fun to play with, 7/10
Cool beans. Except any spear you get literally hours into the game or days before you really should get this is still 5x better at smashing those poison statues.
26 April anon : wrong. Whips are the superior choice for those statues dude to better range, and saving durability on your actual melee weapon
is this a dex weapon ?
S scaling in dex? I think so.
looks cool but sux for pvp
Stellar damage output when combined with Ring of Blades and Flynn's Ring. Makes for a nice pocket-sized trick on low-carry builds.
reminds me of the threaded cane from BB
S scaling in dexterity? I think I am in love.
Blood before it was Borne
that's the best comment i've ever read XD