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this boss is a s s
Its a pile of slime that flails at you and can't move, what'd you expect?
All I did was walk into the room and immediately shoot the boss with arrows, and it didn't regen fast enough to survive. I was using the white bow if that matters. Easiest boss in this game.



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Using magic can make this fight super easy. Stay on the upper walkways and get just inside target lock range and he won't attack you.



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Or you could be a man and melee him. It’s not hard.
Or you could cheese him from a distance, it's funnier
Reply to demon soul master, you shouldn’t look down on magic builds simply bc they are not your thing. If you like wacking your sword for hours it’s fine but not for me.
Worst boss in the game imo. He's attacks are too badly telegraphed
I just found this on the * page, which is like significantly older than this one

Low Dexterity safe spot

On your first play through, in fact, you can easily take him down with about 100 arrows (or less) even with a fairly low dexterity (dex 12 for instance) and a non-upgraded composite bow. If you make your way around the first level, past where the path turns to the right sharply and you cross a chasm, you will approach lock-on range. While locked on, back up against the wall to avoid his ranged attack, then slowly move forward until your arrows connect with him instead of the walkway. If done at the right spot, you can shoot him while his ranged attack will hit the walkway at your feet.

And that's not the only one, lol. just the first one i noticed.
Can someone help me go through whole fifth archstone on ng+, please?