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Hi fam can anyone please help me with my last trophies for platinum, need to get pwct for ring and the two online trophies. Can return the favour or trade items
Also need one more takedown to PWCT, what’s your PSN ?
Well i can help you out guys and you help me too. PSN:CedricJohnny93
Hello, looking for a little help getting PWCT (I forgot character tendency carried over and made the mistake of starting my NG+ on pure black), happy to return the favor or drop items, if I have what you need. PSN is "Dreamweapon", SL is currently 107, can play on most servers. Thx!
Hey, are you still up for this?
Need help getting to PWCT. Will help others to do the same. Add me on PSN kdnaranjo
Im looking friend ring for trophy. Or we can PvP beat to reach pure white characters. And u want get pure white characters too?
Add PSN Azvox
How does this work?
U need a friend list. Do same sever and password. Use red eye stone ( red summon) for PvP. Just kill red phantom then u well reach pure white character. Very super easy. I already helped 3 player then got ally ring (friend ring)
Can anyone assist with this?
What level are you
Looking for someone to help with achieving pure white character tendency
PSN: Dandross
Looking for someone to help with PWCT. I can help you too. PSN: MoPar392
Im ~SL 115
I could use some help getting PWCT too. SL ~120, PSN: NinjaNot
You still up for this? I can help you if you help me. Your settings dont allow for messages. My PSN is MoPar392
I've completed this now, but I definitely appreciate the help and will return the favor when I can.
I need this help PSN felipe_leme
Anyone wanna still do this?

i need help for boosting to PWC. My PSN is: Sujodraw
Need help to get to PWCT. Im at +40 now. Anyone with high soul level who can help me? I need Ally's ring. Im currently at ~SL 316 PSN: original_toans
Also need help with PWCT. Soul level 81. PSN: Roxy-2908
Would return the favor.