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These guys are literally harder than most bosses in the game. Particularly if you’re playing a dex build.
Aaand that’s why they made them the best monster to farm for sharp gems -.-
What? No. Dex builds can poise through their attacks with a stanced straight sword. Even easier is just parrying them and then using a +10 sharp dagger. Charge an R2 after a riposte with your sword and then hit R1 a few times and they're dead.
I don't find them hard with a dex build, unless you're seriously underlevelled or trying to fight the two in the building at once (why would you though, you can just bait them one at a time)?
They couldn't make these things more annoying if they tried
hard because unfair
Kill it with fire



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A new enemy? Wow, I wonder what they dr*dead*
im just so mad they dont drop the armor


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My gosh, Rapport makes your life so much easier with these guys.
Who gave the silver knight shotguns