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A bit of hidden lore, he actually has the 3rd illusory ring that hides your body



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doesn't say which fights he can be summoned for
ancient fakedragon and aava gank squad
This guy is amazing, both personality and as a merchant, unlike in ds1 thanks to him you can get infinite golden pine resin.
so this is what guts look like when he retired?


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One of the coolest NPCs in Dark Souls. He turns his misfortune and tortured life into just contemplating life and looking at the night sky. Wish there was a quest to help restore his body or something.



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there kinda is

when his body is killed he seems to be able to become whole briefly

obviously its just the summon sign mechanics for fun but i like to belive hes able to project in some way
I accidentally hit him (he scared the***** out of me)and now he won't talk to me. Am I screwed ?
I mean probably not but his phantom at the end of the base game in SOTFS was really handy. You could maybe kill him then do that revive thing but otherwise he might not be available until you go to NG+ and start from square one
Sees sign: Huh, Will he just roll around trying to bite at their ankle? Ha! Summons Whole body: Ok, this is a twist of events i did not see coming...
Ok I just killed his body and now he’s calling me a murderer and won’t talk to me
hmm do you have a token of spite on you ,or maybe you did some damage to him
You can try to go the pardoner after Prowling Magus and get your sins cleared.
How does a disembodied head teach you a gesture? I can't imagine he's good at charades.
The gesture is decapitate, just a bit of irony for ya
I Guess its better then being hallow