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what comes after the chicken or the egg? :]
My *****
it just teaches u the skill, not give it for u for free use, so if u dont have a char with 2 warfare it would be useless to eat.
Thats basically like every other skill reward in the game, the only ones you get for free use are spells and skills from gear.
Still good. Just started questing north of Driftwood (lvl 11) and the Phoenix Dive skill sells for 1.6k
I could use the extra money ;)
Don't use cursed fire. It just died without spawning the egg, for me at least.
I think it's supposed to turn into blessed fire after he dies in fire, or at least it did for me for some reason. Probably wouldn't work for cursed fire. Or maybe it's because I tried blessing him to get rid of the diseased and he ended up in blessed blood, so I had to put him in a poison surface, then he starts taking damage from that because it became blessed, and finally I just did fortify on him until the surface went back to normal and maybe there was some blessed surface left.



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Yeah the guide is inaccurate. I picked up the egg and stored it. I did not get "Phoenix Dive" skill on Definitive Edition
You have to eat it for Phoenix dive
Whoops, somebody can't read
They're hard to see because they're green, but there are a couple of dead chickens around around him you can loot chicken claw & bird leg from.
Got 10775 xp after keeping the egg for myself in def. edition.
Do not use your recipe to make meals... I accidently made a meal out of this special egg and I lost the ending *****
Ferno ? Short Inferno ? :)
I may or may not have just killed a phoenix with fire... could it be that Spontaneous Combustion with enough damage just uhhh insta kills the bird? I also now can't loot him either, the Quest closed saying that it died, so yeah... I have 31 int and 8 in pyrokinetic
it has to die with fire, i don't think combustion is considered like using fire element, it's more like consuming fire. ignition fireball etc work fine
Can i ask, if it's a chicken why does it have a male voice ? :D and you guys use HIM for it.
Chickens are male or female..

Hens are specifically female while roosters are specifically male.
You think that chickens are female only? What are the male chickens called then? Chickmans? Doesn't work that way bud. Sorry that the school system failed you :/
Its not a chicken, its a Phoenix.