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It's weird, I remember the Ringed City on my first playthrough, but I don't remember the Demon Prince bossfight nor the areas after the Dreg Heap.
Well, now that I'm back after a few years, I get to experience this again.
Met a friendly invader by the name of Meldcore, showed us the way to the bonfire and then to the bossroom before killing us.
Thank you Meldcore <3
- From Aldwyn and Soma
Ngl the +3 rings being locked behind dlc is kinda bs on FromSoftwares part
Why? Calling that bs is like saying there shouldn't be anything new available in a dlc
If you get the fire fades edition you get all dlc
Imagine getting the game THIS long after release without all the DLC lmao git gud sün
Really appreciate all the callbacks to Ds2 in this DLC. If only Fromsoft realized sooner just how great that game was
"If only Fromsoft realized sooner how great the game was" i don't understand this statement. Are you saying they didn't gave DS2 as much atention? Or are you saying that there aren't enogth DS2 references in DS3? Because as far as i know From is really confident with DS2, damn, they even re-released the game


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I would've loved it if they added some more though, like the Sacred Chime Hammer, Smelter Sword, Velstadt's armor or the Heide knight set. They were arguably some of the most iconic items from DS2.
Anonymous 10 May, I think OP said that due to how little callbacks Ds3 gave Ds2 when it first launched. Especially when compared to all the references to Ds1 and Bloodborne.
About to start this DLC for nth time, with my moonlight sorcerer build. How are sorcery spells vs enemies in this DLC? I know pyromancer struggles against the Demons and Midir.
Nevermind, just beat the dlc. Sorceries work well, but they do need to be supplemented by your weapon, pure mage builds seem to struggle. The spells used were mainly great soul arrow, heavy great soul arrow, soul greatsword, dark blade, and affinity. Also occasional use of pestilent mercury, and soul stream. Intelligence at 50-60 throughout the dlc.
who is the guy at the start of the ringed city 2nd part? he looked like the pygmy kings