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you guys think when pontiff turned the dancer into the form she in he intended to give her a large ***
You know he did.


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Battle Tested

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For sorcerors, keep your distance, chant, and take advantage of her recovery windows to throw a soul spear at her. With a +5 Heysel Pick and 48 Int, she went down in about twelve buffed basic Soul Spears. Just remember to avoid getting impatient; your speedrun attempt will take longer if you die.
hate to ruin everyone's day but when you wear her armor after you kill her you do know the armor and her skin are the same thing so your wearing her skin also when you wear her armor you *** becomes as thicc as hers
Oh that makes my day better
are we sure she's not Ciaran's mother she seems to i don't know have a weird vibe to her that the two know each other from somewhere
Really cool dynamic to the fight if you play bloodborne style and learn to dodge her right. Just dancing along with her
guys I nutted to dancer r34. what do I do with my life
its not the worst thing someone's fapped to


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End it.
It is only human to commit sin
Legally it’s questionable, morally it’s disgusting, personally i like it
shall we dance my dare lady of the valley?



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For anyone having trouble with her, I would suggest going to Rosaria and respec into a pyro or sorcery build. She’s a great fight for melee fighters, but if you wuss out, soul spear and chaos bed vestiges kill her inside a minute. Plus, pyromancers will be more suited to slapping her cake with the dark hand.
Yeah the first time I beat her I used a bow at sl15 lol
The easiest way I've found to kill her is with the warden twin blades and carthus rouge, she is quite weak to bleed and because she isn't super aggressive it's easy to pile on the hits.