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1.5% less absorption than havels for 20 points less weight, cool game design, cosplay builds btfo
Either this set has too much def or Havel's really *****ing needs to be buffed
"You have the strongest Armour, because you are the weakest!" ~Guts
Tower knight cosplay: greatshield of glory + great lance and or greatsword = profit
It looks a little bit like the Ruin Armor or the Loyce Set
Funny, I was just typing a comment about how I think it looks like the Loyce Armour. Good im not alone.
This is because both the ruin set and Lapp's armor is based off of jousting armor and the Loyce knights are "cosplaying weaboos" Reddit Post for reference:
"dont worry you can go get that treasure its not like im gonna kick you off the ledge and reveal to you that it is i patches i mean im trusty lapp not patches"
You thought there was treasure ahead but it was me, PATCHES! >;~D
The iconic set of døuchebag invaders, prove me wrong
im probably the only one who isnt sadly they dishonour the armour...disgraceful
Git gud casual


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I just noticed the your character can actually move their head normally if you have a piece of chest armor that doesnt make the bottom part of the helmet appear (the part che overlaps with the chest, or should I say overLAPPs ah ah). Cool detail if you ask me, thank god it doesnt just make it appear to clip with all the other armors, lapp gauntlets im looking at you.
Anyone willing to drop it on pc ? That would be kind.


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git gud casul :P
Absolutely. His name is Amnesiac Lapp, you can find him in the Ringed City DLC.
Go get it yourself casul
Here we go sthe scrub set. Everyone LITERALLY EVERYONE who wears this piece of trash needs to be delted NOW ! Such toxic douchy piece of*****s who abuse the strongest set to look hard. Especailly a certain small youtuber streamer. You are trash your glitch abusing piece of rubbish.
Haha Lapp's set go clink clink
Come on it's a cool looking armor and it's good
Shut up autist.
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tasty copy pasta
someone needs to git gud
Git Gud pls
someone is salty, the most try-hard of the set is the helm because it physicals are equivalent to Morne's helm while being 1.2 pounds lighter