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How do I unlock this I've fought all of them in high rank
Same, I have unlocked my HR cap and I still don't see the arena 6 challenge pop up, it's so weird
I unlocked this by doing the basarios hunt, the double volvidon hunt, and the bazelgeuse hunt each. I think you need to hunt the first two in the more 'official' quests (the ones with icon next to their quest that originally was checked off towards your next urgent)



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I think this quest is unlocked after completing the 3 Master Utsushi challenge quests on the hub. I'm not sure so if someone can confirm we can add it to the page
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It's anecdotal, but I had tried everything suggested here to no avail. Just now I completed the Basarios High Rank quest (which I hadn't beaten previously) and AQ06 showed up with Utsushi.