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Vulnerable to poison and they won't heal themselves in response to damage inflicted by it.
So these are pre-pilgrims of londor right? resemblance of the turtle back to the pilgrim shell is uncanny, and the pilgrims came from the ringed city right?
the pilgrims came from londor
I believe since it says that a particular hollow cleric does a spin attack with a "way of white corona like aura" and the fact that its a starting class alongside herald. Dark souls always had holy knight sets and cleric set for the way of white and this appears to be what way of white clerics look like these days


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Can be rapporteur and will cast that spell on other enemies!
Beyblade, let it rip!
crscrcrlshrlsh crawly turtle srgshrg hehehe
What is it with Japan and everything that remotely looks like a turtle having this kind of spin attack? Somebody please explain this to me, is it some kind of cultural meme?

An example of what I'm talking about: all the turtle Pokemon can learn rapid spin.
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Correcting: Drop Twinkling titanite (rare), and Blessed Gem (common).
No wonder Patches hates clerics.
They are the descendants of the tortoise guy from Dragon Ball



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Devs: So for the new dlc, we were thinking about adding enemies with wall hacks and aimbot—

Miyazaki: SAY NO MORE