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This weapon is a monster when you get to 25 dex and above, infuse with sharp and it can destroyed every bosses. Problem is ...... you lvl dex so don't tell anyone you lvl that up.
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my personally favorite weapon
in my last playthrough, i used sellsword twinblades +10, sharp gem infused, with 47 dexterity and buffed it with crystal magic weapon, i just kicked *** in PvP with it, it was dealing above 600 AR per hit, and i know many people may say this weapon is not that good, but i like it so much, i am used to it and i have skills with it so i get good results in PvP, sometimes i actually lose not gonna lie, but its against people with monsters like splitleaf greatsword or friede's great scythe, so its not a big surprise at all
its also worth to mention that this weapon is very hard to parry except for maybe the R1 two-handed attack which you can parry normaly but not too easily, and the one-handed R1 that is a bit harder than the two-handed but still not actually hard, but the R2 attacks are hard as ***** to parry and the L1 is nearly impossible if not impossible at all, because half of the animation for the R2 attack is a jump and you cant parry a jumping/plunging attack, the club and reinforced club jumping attack is an example of it, and when you can parry its actually hard and require nearly-perfect timing, while the L1 is an attack with two weapons at the same time, and you JUST cant parry a double-weapon attack at all
You kidding me? You can parry dual weapons. And this is actually pretty easy to parry because the l1 has a longer animation, giving you a longer window in which to land your parry in.
also, the jumping attack (one-handed and two-handed R2 of this weapon) is harder to stun/stagger even if you have low poise, because you are in the air, so the only thing that could stun/stagger you would be a strong attack, maybe a well-landed mace or greatsword attack if you have low poise, but if you have high poise like 60+ poise on a full havel set though... oh boi, only a ledo's great hammer could possibly stagger your R2 when in mid-air, the same thing goes for the club and reinforced club jumping attacks
The funny thing about this weapon is that many casuls got themselves in a delusion that pvp would be as easy as pve with this weapon...I mean like, after thrashing a shhit load of them with my broken straight sword, I realized this fact. Maybe it's just because I'm too good at pvp while the majority of players out there are mostly low skill trash who are making this weapon looks like shiit. But still, I'm sure you get my point.
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Please spare our lives mister "too good in PVP", us "low skill trash" are not worthy of witness your god given skills.
what a worthless post regardless of if it's kindergarten-level trolling. you deserve every one of the down-votes and people like you give this community a bad rep. your faux superiority is as sterile as it is stupid.
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How can someone post this with a clear mind... "I'm too good at pvp". Pathetic
Thank you for telling ALL of us how small your ***** truly is. I feel like you're just angry because you constantly get destroyed in PVP with SS Twinblades. Git gud pusi.
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you probably died to the sellswords by pvping with a broken straight sword (as you stated) like the shet for brains you are, i'm not exaggerating, fairly certain, when you need brain surgery, their gonna find a an item in there, and when they pick it up, it'll be a dung pie
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I do love it when arrogant fools show up in my world with their Underoos and a broken sword. They often learn not to underestimate the rest of us.
You are the type of person to unironically down point after a bow glitch kill
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This is not a chad, this is a salt mine
how to be lowkey op: step 1- get a +10 sellsword twinblades // step 2- sharp gem // step 3- 40 to 50 dexterity, don't mind what the casuls say, dexterity is actually very good with weapons like this and sharp gem // step 4- get your crystal magic weapon or just magic weapon if you have not enough intelligence // step 5- just use it and watch salty strenght builds cry lmao
Question to those who say this weapon is op: is it because it's better than other twinblades with same infusion and lvl, or is it because you can get his early? Trying to understand if the "op" is only a early game thing
Not really about early, overall this weapon can melt bosses (can't say much about pvp since I haven't tried them yet), if you infuse it with sharp gem (it scales from dex), regularly reinforce it, and have pure dex build (can be quality build, but it scales the highest with dex), then everything is melting in front of you, just try google for example twinblades pontif or some other bosses, it really feels OP, of course you have to get used to it but before bosses if you put right buff it is just awesome!
Speed, damage & stamina consumption are all very good and is buffable. It may be beaten in 1 area or another but combined altogether makes it a top tier weapon, if not OP.
It is a buffable paired weapon with a three (double) hit combo which makes it extremely effective to one-combo someone into an early grave. However, it has absolutely abysmal range and is really easy to avoid. Over-aggressive gank squads will often get spanked with this, hence its reputation.
It procs Right Pontiff Ring in two L1s, which can be further boosted by Carthus Beacon and CWGS to give absolutely insane DPS. Totally destroys any PvE enemy and/or boss, but I wouldn't use it in PvP because parrying it is too easy.
A sad replacement for the much better gameplay of DS2's weapons/weaponarts. Like the Warped Sword or the BoneFist.
The DS2 attack animations were simply much cooler and better than the DS3 ones. Sad that they havent brought back most of them.
Especially the BoneFist was just hilarious.
And just to note: I dont mean they are bad. I mean that compared to how DS2 handled Twin Weapons (Wielding two of the same weapons) and a lot of the rather fun weapon art there especially with curved and fist weapons, the Sellword Blades are just a reminder on how much better it looked there.
Dark Souls 2 was just a better game, fa(n)g boyz prefer the third just cuz there is THE GREAT AND ONLY MIYAZAKI SENPAI
They cannot accept that the great senpai this time made a very big poop...
BUt dARk SoULs ² hAS nO lORe, wHY iT dOEsnT EXplAiN hOW MaNY hAiRS tHE cHOsEN uNDeaD hAS On hiS A$$??!?!?!11?
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(To that last reply)
Dark Souls 2 is a bad game because it sucks ***. Miyazaki not directing it is a *possible* explanation. The game offering too much lore will always be better than self contradictory lore. And the game prides itself for having lots of bosses and being hard, rather thanhaving good bosses and having good difficulty. Da2 sucks.
DS2 is a MUCH better game than 3. By a very decent longshot. Both are still amazing games tho, as are all of Fromsofts games since Demons Souls. Both however don't hold a candle to DS1 and Bloodborne.
Well then just play Dark Souls 2 xd
Ya ds2 was better if you liked moving through molassis all the time. Ds2 was not better, it was just more mobs and op mob placement and a sad sad attempt at being dark souls while literally having nothing to do with dark souls. Should have named it something else cause ds2 was NOT dark souls. In fact ds1 and 3 have lore connection. Ds2 is a cocksucking ***** trump supporter
Rough day?
06 Oct you realize that DS3 has explicit links to DS2? They couldn't even make 3 totally distinct because you baby brain fanboys had to have MUH SOLAIRE MUH FIRSTBORN MUHUHUHUH REDDIT MEEMZ HOW CUM SEQUEL NO HAVE SUN MAN????
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