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Rule 34 is not to shabby
Angel Ahead!
this is what the pro gamers call a 'top tier waifu'
I wish that all players were able to hug her.
I hope you don't mean "passionate huging". Because then we would be forced to send you to horny jail.

(I agree though. She seems so down most of the time your instinct makes you want to hug her.)



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Hopefully, she can find peace. She seems to genuinely care enough about the Ashen One to say thank goodness upon seeing you're alright.
Amazing waifu ahead
Take her shoes off and tickle her feet

Do it
Saving her will let you take at least a small tad of the badassery of the chad Ivory King.
What you mean? Is it about the whole her being a child of dark thing like Alsanna or what?
Am I gonna have to bonk some horny heretics in the comments
Irina is best girl
my wife, karla!
Sit the **** down bro she’s mine