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The only thing dangerous about this boss are the Bonewheels outside.

To make this boss more difficult they should add two Bonewheels to the fight like those dogs with Capra Demon, AND make them revive if you're sadistic.

The lights can also be toned down once the fight begins so you only see Pinwheel clearly when they fire at you or you have something like the Skull Lantern.

Health should be kept the same, newer players need some mercy.
The bosses clones and multi attacks are more than enough to make the fight compelling without ruining it by adding basic mobs. Pinwheel only needs a health buff to be a great boss but obviously FS just wanted us to pity it instead
I have never had trouble against this boss, but even so, I like summoning Paladin Leeroy against him, just to watch him obliterate Pinwheel in 3 easy steps
Nitos bi tch
Does anyone know what this boss is called in the German version?
Something that translates to “joke”
In German, his name is translated in "Feuerrad" (Fire Wheel)
Wow, comically easy later on. I waited till late game, fought him with 50 int/Logan’s staff and one shotted him with homing crystal soulmass. Cool looking boss though, just wish he wasn’t so squishy considering the Catacombs is a difficult area in comparison!
Had to summon two players to help me with this boss. His health and damage output is insane. I thought this guy was supposed to be easy, but he tanked every hit
Lmao you suck git gud casul
Is this a joke? This is the easiest boss in the game.
has anyone ever heard of sarcasm?
Weakness: Dying
I would counter and say that this is his biggest strength, lol.
Back when I was still a fresh, virgin Casul, I actually died fighting him when the battery on my controller gave up and I couldn't plug in the cable fast enough ... Even Oswald cannot undo this shame and sin.
Second boss of the game
guys help i actually lost to pinwheel, i nearly oneshot with my fist and couldnt see through tears of laughter at how much of a joke this boss was!
to clarify this was a joke, i have never nor will i ever die to pinwheel, neither did i nearly oneshot him with my fist, but i did once oneshot him with a +5 BKS soooooooooo this guys got like the health of a basic hollow