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i ordered preorder dlc from psn store but i cant find harbinger, ight not be included :(
From the home base, you have to take a right at the bath house, and then another right to go down a set of stairs to the basement. Harbinger is on the floor there.
I think everything Mia related is season pass content rather than the pre-order pack.
Harbinger really suck, has the worst gift of the game lol.
Because what kind of modern gaming industry wouldnt lock some of the best equipment and skills behind a paywall


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thats a bit overreacted tbh... the equipment and mias bloodcode arent that good as you say. clearly not some of the best
I hear ya.
Not even remotely close to the best equipment and skills in the game. Nice try, troll.
They are very nice initial weapons, though. Not game-breaking, but they are nice.
He's right though, the venous claw veil is probably the best armor in the game, it gives you the highest drain attack damage in the game, and a massive boost to both light and dark gifts, in edition to being really low weight, giving fastroll for a lot of blood codes. It may have***** defences but who gets hit?
>w-what? they have d-dlc and p-p-preorder bonuses?? t-that only means o-one thing...! they're locking up the b-best things behind a paywall! i understand that its tiring to see***** get locked behind a paywall like ghost recon wildlands, but you're just assuming at this point.
Yeah. It's why I have no issue boosting people so that they can experience what little the game has to offer
Is it possible to get a DLC that increases the length of my character’s skirt it’s distracting going up ladders if you get my drift
just keep constant control of the camera angle then
So is it possible to get those items later, or am I not buying this game?
Like I did at first. I think some of you misunderstand. You can still get all this stuff. Official Expansion or DLC hasnt came out yet. I looked on PStore and they had they Season Pass with the DLC Pre-order bonuses available. They also had a 5 dollar pack of the Original game Pre-order bonuses in case you missed it. A great way to do it if you ask me. That way those who missed it can still get them and those who Pre-ordered dont feel like they got shamed. Please correct me if I am wrong but I this is the way I figured it.
Correction from my statement below. I went ahead and bought the preorder dlc season pass and got the mia alt costume and mia theme ps4 theme. And astrea code. Thats it. Then i bought the 5 dollar pack and got the 3 weapons. Venous veil. Harbinger code. Stamps. And some of the accessories. It seems to me i got everything besides the insatiable accessories. I believe the only way to get that now is to order to digital deluxe. But everything else is still available if u already bought the base game like me. Unless u want to buy the DD ver for that part. U can. Not me. It is unclear at this point if the 5 dollar pack comes with the DD. My guess is no. But if u havent bought it yet. Consider the DD ver if u plan on getting the season pass anyways. Save 5 dollars and maybe use it to get the dlc bonuses and have everything. But to those who have already bought base game u can still get the rest of it for 30. 5 for base game pre order stuff. And 25 for season pass. Hope this helps you guys out. As i was disappointed when i saw this. As with other games when i see stuff i cant get anymore in games i like. But at least in this game they allow you to get it still.
Man, I'm definitely an idiot - I just spent $5 on the pre-order DLC set, solely for the Harbinger Blood Code (I had the rest allay because I pre-ordered the physical edition). Oh well, fast dodge, here I come!



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Lord of Thunder please.
The best