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naked man running at you with this = おまえはもうしんでいる
I remeber when i got used to parrying and discovered this handy, little tool.
First thing i marched back to Friede an MADE. HER. PAY.
For everything.
Ahhh, good times.
caestus is bestus
Ah the weapon favored by tryhard scrub lords who can’t survive without their pussyverence, they would also favor spamming L1 when they dual wield these. Man these must be god tier weapons you might be wondering... but no they are the tools of talentless morons who actually always end up getting destroyed and going back to playing dragon age because of the embarrassing loss. Luckily the pkcs is available, so if any of you have any remaining brain cells you guys would figure out that picking up the pkcs is the best choice, if you don’t agree then uninstall the game you casuls.
Sounds like someone died to a caestus wielded lmao
Git gud mate
lmao its only game
How mad do you have to be to write something like this lmao, imagine how much more fun you'd have if you got good at the game instead of whining like a ******
how many of us are jojo fans and came for the MUDAMUDA's
This weapon shouldnt let parry dont you agree?