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Tips for this boss fight (sorta)

Phase 1: Poise bois

Phase 2: Fist Ariandel

Phase 3: RUN
i love when i hear her foot steps
I would love the smell
Friede can also heal during Phase 3 (as I found out the other day). I had never seen it before and I must have fought her dozens of times over multiple playthroughs.
faith build destroys her, only thing is gotta cast sunlight spear/lightning arrow at the right times on phase 3. took me 2 tries but i legit died as i killed her lmao
Git Gud Scrub
How does one find feet masturbaters
I looked on there and couldn’t find any though
this comment section
Being bad in Dark Souls, having a meh PC and having terrible luck are the perfect trio for this boss

in my many tries i never got over pahse 1
She just dashes away at all my backstabs and sometimes between the invisbility and dashing i can't even hit her
Also because i am bad i can't dodge her grab (sometimes it seems like she just turns visible makes a 180 and waits to grab me after my roll)

any tips that aren't "git gud"?
Git Gud Scrub
Do you want me to assist?
I'd like to think the git gud d***bag had a change of heart and decided to come back later and offer to assist.
Summon Gael as same as demon prince if you have problems...
He is really strong and that was my only chance how to beat friede at sl20
i am the OP, and thanks for those who want to help but i can't really since my connection is really frail, and i try to do all the bosses offline anyways (i still summon NPCs)
i was just asking what was your strategy

Also i was able to get her to phase 3, but then weird bloodborne **** starts and Gael becomes useless, or to say it better he rushes to friede while she regenerates and dies to the combo, i can't de-aggro him (like you can do with the demon prince) because the arena is too small
Use a shield her attacks dont do alot of damage if you have a shield youll roll through her first phase on phase 2 beat the **** out of the big man. stage 3 pray to god
Resistant to magic? That explains everything sorcery is trash in ds3 well played from well played.
Used to be my favourite boss but the more I play it the more I dislike it
whiny crybaby



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Great soul dregs, I choose you!
After 1000hours of base game I decided to buy DLCs...
I was so f**king afraid about this boss. Everyone told me that this is one of the hardest fight in game.
Maybe, just maybe I shouldn't spend whole weekend only invading and helping others as summon with nameless king.
First try and she was dead. I expected little bit more. Maybe I was overleveled. The recommended soul level is something about 40-50 if I know and I was 65(dex), so maybe next try.



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I wouldn’t say you were that overleveled considering people waltz in here at sl95, but the first and second phase are pretty easy, I think she’s a little overhyped though