Discuss the latest Dark Souls Title!
By Paulwalken1993
Trying to beat Dark Eater Madir. I’ve just gotten back into dark souls and I’ve beaten every boss already except him. Having a really hard time with his AOE attacks and managing the camera. Who would have thought?

I can’t summon the spear of the church NPC for the fight even though I am in good standing with the church as I REINSTATED the decree at the purging monument. I’m a hybrid build of int and Str. Soul level 146 I think.

I find that pestilent mist is the most effective way to damage him, as the effect lingers and continues to do damage if placed correctly while the player can focus on not getting hit. I’ve got him down to a quarter health many times but I typically end up running out of estrus. It’s getting old I just want to get it over with and jump into NG+.

If anyone wants to help my gamer tag I’d BobCatKeeter. Shoot me a message on there or just reply on here.