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My favorite ultra weapon. On my dark build, with just basic requirement stats (16/18) and 30/30 intel/faith, while two handing it gives you an AR of 642 on dark and chaos infusions. Add the dark clutch ring, and it's AR of 708. Good, very good.
That is complete garbage, you should be ashamed for not using pkcs. Maybe you should uninstall the game.
this weapon is pure fire, but damn, ppl are spamming WA like crazy, literally begging for parry
if you want to do a almost one shot combo with this, here's what you have to do. first, you need to learn about weapon moveset swaps. what that is is basically if you are fast enough, you can make any weapon swing as fast as a dagger. I reccomend looking it up on youtube if you want to learn more about weapon moveset swap. the combo uses dagger moveset on astora gs, and dagger speed astora can combo into weapon art for a 1000 damage combo. its best to use this combo when the opponent is close to wall, because if the the angle is not right, the weapon art won't hit them. the combo is very inconsistant and hard to land, but when you land it, its so rewarding.
This weapon is pure garbage, don’t you guys feel any shame for spamming the WA and getting parties to death. If so I hope you are prepared to taste my pkcs and some dung pies : )
this dude has been spamming this PKCS propaganda everywhere in this wiki for the past six months


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Someone please ban this guy, I get that he’s trolling but it’s not that funny.
used by scrubs everywhere