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What a god... Damn... Man! *****ing love this guy. Would love to see a confrontation between him and havel
why are you torturing Havel like that iron tarkus would just punch him into space
no, they would become best buds
Caca poo po
I hope everyone knows I’m jokin
lmao i was wondering wtf was the point of that area across the bridge
Anyway tarkus is a reference to the ELP album
Funny Jojo reference.
Dude is the Iron Golem's kryptonite, 10/10 would bro it up at the nearby bonfire with a sip from our estus.



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No stop please don't seriously no do not
Why is everyone acting like this guy is some huge badass? If he could solo O&S I'd be impressed, but my man couldn't even make it to O&S. Iron Golem? Literally the second easiest boss after Pinwheel? How is that an achievement at all...
He did solo O&S, when we went to the Anor Londo he decided it was too easy and took of his armor and weapons and went fists only for the rest of the game.
not only was it fists only the legend also decided to handicap himself further by doing it blindfolded
His controller wasn't even plugged in
Some say it was boring and left to painted world
well aren't you cool man, like super cool, damn, you're just way too cool man, 2cool4school even
You must be fun at parties


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Has to be troll bait, no one would disrespect the man like this
Nah he didn’t die he just gave his armor to some casul who later died and went to the painted world to play with priscilla
tarkus didnt die he just took a nap thats why the secret ending for 0 hit run no damage broken sword with guitar hero control is iron tarkus busting into the kiln and obliterating the player in one hit and reclaiming his armor then he stomps out the first flame and begins the age of black iron tarkus where all beings become tarkus even the rats tarkus, gwynevere boobie tarkus this is canon lore btw not lying cuz im actually vattividya 
I had a stroke reading this
Deepest lore!!!!! :::OOOO
tarkus with gwynevere chest sounds like the ultimate lifeform
What's the gywnevere chest