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this is useless , what part do i need to break for it?
The in-game hunter notes say to break its back. Good luck
I swear this item doesnt exist, the monster notes in-game dont list it, its not even a Greyed Out "????" to suggest it exists, and yet the final form of each of his big weapons like his GS and Hammer require it, ive beaten Goss at least 11 times and broken his back almost each time, i HAVE NOT captured him, i rely on the carves, he hasnt dropped it.

Either im just extremely unlucky, or the game is bugged and Bile wont drop from him, im guessing its the former.


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Yeah the consensus so far is that it is just a really rare drop, I have only gotten 1 after about 20-30 hunts fighting him, you best chance is just to break his back and then try to capture him.
I think you read low rank table. It exists on the Hunter Note.



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now that the drops and hitzones are shown in game this site is gonna ****in die lol